International MBA: Dual Degree

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If you want to extend your skills for an international career and gain global experience, the IGC in Bremen is the right place for you. As part of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA), a global network of six partner universities, IGC offers you international exchange and first-class education within the framework of its Dual Degree Master’s Program. During your academic year, you will study in two countries and earn two degrees: in your first term (four months), you will study business basics; in the second, you will specialize in your area of expertise at one of the IBSA partner universities. These are the IGC (Germany), the University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA), the RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (Moscow, Russia), the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, UK), the University of València (Spain) and the ESSCA School of Management (Paris, France). Each institution has an area of specialization that you can choose in the second semester. Your choices are International Logistics & Supply Chain Management, International Finance & Investments, Management in Emerging Economies, Human Resource Management, International Marketing or International and Sustainable Management.




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Program description

1 year, 2 countries, 2 degrees

IBSA's Dual Degree Master's Program qualifies future leaders to work in the field of general management and offers six business specializations. During your first term (4 months), you will learn international business basics in core modules such as Multinational Financial Management, Business Analytics or Global Marketing Strategies. These modules form the basis of the dual degree, their structure is identical at all six partner institutions. Please note that you will need to submit your application to the university where you want to spend your first term. Second-term specialization (4 months): In the second term of your studies, you can pick from the following specializations at one of the partner universities: International Logistics & Supply Chain Management, International Marketing, International Finance & Investments, International and Sustainable Management, Human Resource Management and Management in Emerging Economies. Once you have been admitted to the first university of your choice you can choose a specialization from any of the remaining five partner universities. Free choice of location for the core modules: Students of the International MBA can start the Dual Degree Program –depending on their preferred study location and specialization– either at the IGC in Bremen or at one of the five partner universities. Thus, if you want to spend the first semester at the IGC, you will apply in Bremen. If you are interested in Bremen's logistics specialization, you will apply at one of the five partner universities. You will complete your studies with writing your master's thesis in the third term (4 months fast track).




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Choose either your favorite specialization or your favoite destination and see what kind of dual degree you will get and what the tuition fee is.


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  • I found a very caring and homely environment and classes taught in a very professional manner.“

    Bao Doan
    Origin: India
    Currently: Hanover, GER

    at Bundesagentur für Arbeit, GER

  • Studying at the IGC in Bremen gave me lots of tools for managing many kinds of businesses.“

    Christopher Schlosser
    Origin: Germany
    Currently: Guatemala City, GT

    Commercial Manager
    at Cementos Progreso, GT

  • Attending the IGC Bremen through the IBSA program was one of the best decisions I made in my life!“

    Cecilie Washburn
    Origin: US
    Currently: Washington, D.C., US

    Assistant to the President
    at Culta, US

  • The program helped me to reach out a completely new level. Now I am a proud member of the UPS family and I am enjoying to turn the theory into practice.“

    Alissa Varschitski
    Origin: Germany
    Currently: Bremen, GER

    Senior Account Executive
    at UPS, GER

  • I could write my thesis at and with a company in Bremen which allowed me to immediately apply theory to a real-life problem.“

    Nina Dey
    Origin: Germany
    Currently: Bremen, GER

    Project Manager - Marketing
    Team Neusta, GER