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Please fill out the required fields (*) and attach all necessary documents to this form (3 MB max.). Make sure that all documents can be read correctly. You may apply even if your documents are not complete at the moment. Please note that your application will not be evaluated before being complete.

Application Deadlines

  • 15.01.2020 - Part-Time programs (MBA, Master Business Management, Master Cultural Management)
  • 31.05.2019 - Full-Time programs (Master European Studies, MBA International Tourism Management, MBA European Asian Management, MBA Global Management, Master Aeronautical Management, International MBA: Dual Degree)

Online Application

Step 1 Study Course and Specialization
1. Degree Course
2.1. Specialization 2nd Semester of the International MBA
2.2. Specialization MBA in European Asian Management
Step 2 Personal Details
3. Personal Details
4. Address for Correspondence

Please provide a detailed postal address for receipt of the IGC official correspondence e.g. original admission documents. Carefully consider that this address will remain valid within the next three months and all numbers are correct to avoid undeliverable returned mail. Ensure that you added all necessary address remarks for a swift direct delivery.
Step 3 Former Study Course
5. University attended abroad / Degree
Step 4 Knowledge and job
7. Knowledge of the English Language
8. Professional Background (MBA-applicants only)
9. Other Informationen
Step 5 Sending
10. Attachments
This section is for uploading your application documents. Please only use pdf-files or scans (jpg) up to max. 2MB each. Please make sure that all documents are clear and readable.
Please note: If you are not able to upload documents here you can send them to us separately. Your application will be also accepted without attachments, but the admission process might take longer.
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