Excursion Week 2020

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus

Building and fostering our international networks and collaboration is of immense importance to us at the International Graduate Center Bremen. We therefore go with our students on excursions multiple times a year.

This year the students of our part-time MBA went on a trip to the United Arab Emirates and India to receive first hand information on the economy and their business settings.

One of the company visits in India was the Mattu Brinjal Farm, where they took part in facility tour and also met with the Mattu Gulla Growers Association. In addition to the company visits, they also participated in cultural events and were exposed to the rich cultural heritage of India. Before India they were in Dubai, where our students and professors were welcomed at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education Studies, Dubai Campus. One part of their agenda was the visit of the Innovation Hub to familiarise themselves with the ongoing projects in the university.