Starting your studies in the winter term 2023

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Admission....and what to do now

You have received your offer of admission? Congratulations! But what should you do now?

As soon as you received your offer of admission, please do the following steps below in order to have a positive and relaxing start of studies in Bremen.

9 easy steps

  1. Apply for your visa

    Please apply for a visa as soon as possible. Our ISA team will support you and answer all your questions about visa application.

    Your embassy is closed at the moment? You have the possibility to start your studies online and come to Germany later.

    Further information on visa application

    Visa guide



  2. Save your place of study

    To save your place of study at IGC please transfer your down payment of 1,500 euros* payable by credit card or bank transfer via our down payment portal. This down payment is already the first instalment of your tuition fee and no additional fee.

    IGC down payment portal

    *subject to the amendment of the fee schedule

  3. Accept your place of study

    After you have saved your place of study, you will also need to accept your place of study. To do so, please register yourself in July to our university system CampInO. How the registration in CampIno works will be explained step by step in the guidelines below. We will inform you via email, when the Campino system is open for registration starting mid July. 

    Guidelines CampInO

    You may also find our video helpful 

    How to register in CampInO

  4. Accept our special conditions for online enrolment and online studies

    Please read carefully, understand and accept our

    Special condition for online enrolment

  5. Fill out and send your application for enrollment

    Please start your online enrolment in CampInO and send us your printed and signed application for enrolment by mail or bring the application form in person to the IGC admission office. You will find bank details in the application form to transfer your semester fee.

    CampInO portal

  6. Choose your tuition fee payment plan

    Choose your personal payment plan by filling out the payment plan form. Please note that the chosen payment plan is binding for the whole course of your studies. Please inform youself about the current HSB fee structure for non-consecutive master programs.

    Please note the different bank accounts for the tuition fee and the semester contribution (step 7)!

    Choose your payment plan

    HSB fee structure for non-consecutive master programs (in German)

  7. Transfer the semester contribution

    The semester contribution is a compulsory student fee payable per semester by every student in Germany. It contains costs for several student services and the semester ticket (student travel pass for public transportation). Please make sure you’ve completed your registration in CampInO before paying the semester contribution. Important notice: Please be advised that the CampInO portal is available each year from July onwards for the payment of the winter term fee.

    You can pay the semester contribution at:

     HSB semester fee portal

  8. Get your Student ID, semester ticket and access to university platforms

    Only after we received your semester contribution you will get an e-mail with all details and the access to all university systems and platforms that you will need for your studies. If you are staying in Germany you will also receive your semester ticket by post. Please note, that semester tickets will not be sent abroad.

    Please, wait one day before activating your university account to avoid technical problems. Please note, that not all university systems are connected and you will need to activate and update all accounts regularly. Especially, make sure to keep your address up to date in all systems.


  9. Inform us about your arrival date

    You have made your travel plans and booked your transportation? Great, almost done! Now, you just need to inform the ISA team about your arrival date. After your arrival in Bremen please arrange an appointment with the ISA service to pick up your documents and complete your enrollment at the IGC.

    Make an appointment with the ISA team

    Important! Please send your admission letter to your chosen health insurance provider after the successful enrollment.



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