Special regulations for online enrollment & online studies

at the International Graduate Center (IGC) in winter semester 2022/23

Dear students,

Please read through and accept the following special regulations for online enrollment and virtual attendance of lectures as well as exams in the run-up to your study:

  • Re-registration after online enrollment
    I understand that my study achievements can only be recognized and credited towards the degree if I re-register at the IGC at the beginning of summer semester 2022 after online enrollment.
  • Identity check
    I understand that a complete identity check will need to take place before April 15th, 2022. This check can be carried out in Germany by the IGC or ahead of time by a German agency abroad (e.g. DAAD). I am fully aware that in order to continue my studies in the summer semester 2022, my personal data given during the admission and enrollment process must be in full agreement with those on the documents submitted (passport, transcript, diploma, etc.) Discrepancies may result in the revocation of my enrollment without reimbursement of costs incurred.
  • Extension of online courses
    I understand that classes will be held online, at least during the first semester. Depending on the corona situation prevailing at that time, it will be decided by the IGC whether online classes will continue or not. I agree with this procedure.
  • Refund of fees
    I understand that there may be restrictions in the study program, which will be compensated with a reduced fee according to EO Annex v. 7/2020.
  • Internet connection
    I must have a sufficient internet connection (bandwidth) in my home country in order to ensure my attendance to online lectures and courses.
  • Times of lectures
    I understand that the IGC will try to schedule the lectures as best possible, according to the students' times of day for online lectures. However, this may not always be possible. There is no entitlement to have lectures scheduled during daytime in the home country of students. I agree with this procedure.
  • Payment plan tuition fees
    I agree that I must pay the tuition fees in whole, or in part, according to the payment plan that I have chosen, before my studies begins.
  • Participation obligation and fee structure
    The online enrollment obligates me to participate in the chosen IGC study program and is my binding commitment to pay the entire study fee. I understand that further details are outlined and defined in the Fee Regulations.

After reading through please tick the box below in order to agree with these eight terms and conditions. Please fill in your personal data afterwards for identification.

If you have any questions about the conditions, please contact us via e-mail


Confirmation of special regulations for online enrollment

Special enrolment rules

Please confirm the special regulations and enter your personal data afterwards: