International Graduate Center

Inspired by Diversity

The International Graduate Center (IGC) was founded by Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) as an interdisciplinary Graduate School for Management and Leadership. For applicants with a first university degree the IGC offers several non-consecutive MBA and master degrees in the area of international and European business and management. All full-time courses are taught entirely in English. As a Graduate School of a German State University, the IGC education standards are also governed by the German Framework Act for Higher Education (Hochschulrahmengesetz) with quality assurance through the Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat). Hence, the IGC curricula is regularly accredited by an external accreditation agency (ZEvA, AQAS) which are part of the European Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).


The IGC was founded by Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences as an interdisciplinary Graduate School for Management and Leadership. For applicants with a first university degree the IGC offers several MBA and master degrees in the area of international and European business and management. With nine full-time and three part-time master programs the IGC has the largest range of international master and MBA courses of all graduate schools in Germany. All full-time courses are taught entirely in English.

The IGC guarantees a postgraduate education which satisfies academic and job requirements in equal measure. Team oriented lectures and seminars in small groups with a maximum of 25 students facilitate a constructive dialogue between the members. The IGC has currently some 340 students from more than 60 countries. The international network is strengthened by visiting lecturers from many of our international partner universities who offer courses, lectures and contribute to the inter cultural competence of our students. Many of our lecturers come from the management of top companies in Europe and will provide you with an insight into different companies and fields of business. The IGC is part of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA) with six partner universities (located in USA, UK, Spain, France, Russia, and Germany) who successfully offer a unique dual degree MBA program.



The IGC’s international atmosphere is the base for an intercultural exchange of experiences. This provides students with intercultural skills alongside the professional knowledge and knowledge of methods they gain from their studies. In addition to its international student body from around the world, half of the IGC’s lecturers come from partner universities and international businesses. In their seminars, the guest lecturers make an important contribution to the intercultural skills of the students and thus emphasize IGC’s international network.

Quality and innovation through world-wide cooperation with partner universities.

Furthermore, IGC is part of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA). The International MBA is a joint program offered within this network. Six partner universities in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Russia, France and Germany pool their core skills in postgraduate studies, allowing the students to profit from the quality and international direction of the curriculum. This innovative study concept (whose graduates receive a dual Master's degree, within a year) prepares the students to be able to independently move into as-yet unknown territory. The IGC encourages students´ intercultural know-how in a completely new way – this know-how has become a key management qualification in our globalized world.


Hochschule Bremen

With some 8,000 students from nearly 100 different countries and over 60 courses on offer, the Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) is amongst the larger universities of applied sciences in Germany. The university’s roots go back to the first faculty in the year 1799 and today the HSB can rely on a network of over 250 partner universities worldwide.

Already in 2005 and thus five years ahead of the deadline set by the European Ministry of Education, the HSB has reorganized its range of courses completely, basing them on the bachelor's and master's structure in line with mandatory international standards. The accreditation of all courses associated with these changes ensures that the students receive an education of the highest quality combined with the best possible mobility during their studies. Moreover in two-thirds of all courses, internships and study terms spent abroad are an obligatory part of the teaching plan. Courses leading to a master's degree are based on the first level of final university exams that qualify students for professions or vocations* (intermediate study courses).

HSB presents students attractive opportunities in structuring study courses not only practice oriented but also internationally compatible. Future-oriented and innovative course contents as well as bachelor's and master's qualifications – which are acknowledged all over the world – offer excellent career possibilities in and outside of Europe.


Practical relevance

With its flexible study structure and the option to study part-time, the IGC is particularly suitable to adapt university education to the changing demands of the working world. The combination of internationality and practical content allows the IGC to educate managers according to their needs as well as providing significant support for personnel development in businesses.


Quality standards

The public Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences has already received a number of prestigious awards for the quality of its international and practice-oriented teaching. The International Graduate Center follows theses standards. We too have obligated ourselves to a high standard of quality. We regularly accredit our curricula by the external accreditation agencies ZEvA and AQAS. The Central Evaluating Agency (ZEvA) is part of the European Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).

The IGC offers one program, the International MBA, in partnership with the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA, the Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA, Russia and the ESSCA School of Management, France. These institutions are AACSB accredited. All master (MBA) degrees of the International Graduate Center are official degrees of a German public university. Therefore they are accepted by universities and governments in and outside of Europe.

Our students are also actively involved in evaluating our programs. On the degree courses, the participants evaluate each individual course of lectures. This direct feedback on the course content and the teaching leads to focused and dynamic quality management.

We also give out awards for the best IGC teacher and student during our annual graduation ceremony. We would therefore additionally like to encourage and support high quality teaching and studying at IGC.


Bremen - Germany

Bremen has developed into a city of high technological expertise and innovative strength – right in the heart of Europe. 2005, Bremen was the first city in Germany to be awarded the title of »City of science« in recognition of its optimal combination of science and economics.

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