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There are 3 options available

Discount for payment in one sum

 If you decide to pay the remaining tuition fee in one sum you will get a discount on your tuition fee of 500 Euro (or 400 Euro/200 Euro for International MBA). This payment has to be made after you have started your program in fall. Please find a detailed payment list here. 

  • 500 Euro - MBA in Global Management
  • 500 Euro - MBA in International Tourism Management
  • 500 Euro - MBA in European/Asian Management
  • 500 Euro - Master in European Studies
  • 400 Euro - International MBA (single degree)
  • 200 Euro - International MBA (dual degree)

Payment Plan

Personal Data

Your personal payment plan

You have the option to choose one of three payment plans when paying your tuition:


  • Payment in one lump sum (minus your down payment and discount for one-time payment)
  • Payment in 2 installments (minus your down payment)
  • Monthly installment payment (minus your down payment)


Please find here your detailed payment options for all our full-time degree programs.

Subsequent to choosing your method of payment, followed by enrolment and prior to the start of your studies, you will receive the first invoice requesting payment. Your program coordinator will be happy to assist you, should any questions arise.