MBA in Global Management

Global market skills for an international career in business

To keep pace with the fast changing world, we are living in, future managers and leaders are required to possess broad international management skills and a profound understanding of global markets. Our MBA program in Global Management therefore focuses on the skill sets needed to understand international business across all major functional areas. Among other things, you will learn: to develop new international business opportunities, analyze global markets, and effectively manage companies and lead diverse teams. The strong orientation to the practice and cross-cultural experience will prepare you for a successful international business career. The elective with a broad choice of leading edge subjects gives the options to specialize in a field of your own interest and career goals.

Your benefits

  • MBA program in English
  • Inspiring diverse student body
  • Joint research combined with academic excellence
  • Internship option
  • Field trips to Greece (Athens), UK (Glasgow), Luxembourg or Germany (Berlin)
  • German language course (optional)
  • International student assistance team on campus


  • Business-related bachelor´s degree
  • One year of post-graduate work experience
  • High English proficiency (IELTS 6,5)
  • Funding of 13,900 euros (reduced, original price was 14,900 euros) for tuition fee and ~800 euros/month for living costs

Career prospects

  • International settlements department
  • Banks and organizations cooperating with global partners
  • Business analytics manager
  • International business development
  • Government affairs
  • Marketing and sales manager

Key Facts - MBA in Global Management

Degree icon
Master of Business Administration
Degree - Master of Business Administration

Upon completion of this postgraduate management degree, you will earn your Master’s in Business Administration. The title of MBA is internationally renowned in business and stands for hands-on management education and leadership training.

Language icon
Language - English

As the language of education is English, very good English knowledge is required. Please be advised that while it is possible to complete your degree without any German language knowledge, most local jobs will require German skills. For this reason, if you plan to work in Germany following your studies, we recommend that you take advantage of our free German courses.

Calendar icon
Start - October

The program begins in the winter semester. The introductory events and courses start at the beginning of October and run until mid-February, so make sure to plan accordingly. The summer semester begins after a short break in March. Starting in May, you can use the lecture-free period to work on your master’s thesis.

Duration & Type
3 semester / full-time
Duration & Type - 3 semester / full-time

Depending on your educational qualifications, you can complete your studies in two or three semesters as a full-time student. For the first option (Fast Track) you need a bachelor's degree with 240 ECTS credits; for the second option (three semesters) you need a bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS credits.

Accreditation icon
Accreditation - ZEvA and AQAS

Accreditation of our degree programs is very important to us. For this reason, we regularly have our programs reviewed for quality by independent external agencies. The MBA in Global Management is accredited by the agency AQAS (Agentur für Qualitätssicherung durch Akkreditierung von Studiengängen e.V.). Since 2002, this agency has accredited most of the study programs at public universities in Germany.

Class icon
Group size
About 25 students
Group size - About 25 students

Our classes take place in small groups of about 25 students. This gives you the opportunity to maintain close contact with teachers and lecturers and facilitates cooperation and intercultural exchange among fellow-students.

Tuition icon
Tuition fee
13,900 Euro
Tuition fee - 13,900 Euro

The tuition fee has been reduced for the intake 2020 to 13,900 euros (original price was 14,900 euros) for the entire course, plus an additional semester fee of roughly 380 euros per semester (as of 01/2020). The semester fee covers your student ticket that entitles you to free public transportation in Bremen, as well as to Lower Saxony and Hamburg. An additional 500 euros reduction of the tuition fee is possible, if the remaining sum is paid in full directly after the down payment. To learn more about financing your studies or arranging a personalized payment plan, see the menu item Support.

Deadline icon
Application deadline
September 30th, 2020
Application deadline - September 30th, 2020

The application deadline for the academic year beginning in 2020 is September 30th of the same year. Application submission is possible online only using our application tool. We look forward to receiving your application, even if you don’t yet have all of your documents available to you.

Program description - MBA Global Management

Competences and knowledge for your international career

The full-time MBA in global management at International Graduate Center (IGC) prepares you for leadership positions in the global economy.  On the basis of research-based learning, experienced trainers from the private sector provide you with the necessary practical orientation. Occupational fields: The course content prepares you for positions with leadership responsibility in marketing or sales, human resources, investment banking, accounting, logistics and supply chain management, consulting or the administration. Academic experience: You learn both professional and soft skills systematically through group work and discussion in seminars and workshops. Since many of your fellow students come from different countries and 90% of the teaching staff at IGC has an international background, your intercultural skills are practiced intensively over the entire program. Participation in international field trips (e.g. Greece, USA, the Netherlands or Hong Kong) and an optional internship strengthen your career perspectives. 

Video MBA Global Management

  • The MBA in Global Management was a great experience where I had the chance to do research and learn theories and models fully applicable to solve problems when doing global businesses in today´s integrated economy, facing continuous multicultural challenges and several local rules."

    Luis Fernando

  • Looking back I can now say that my time at IGC helped me to take my professional journey to the next level.“

    Elnur Alakbarov
    Origin: Azerbaijani
    Currently: Azerbaijani

    Settlements Department Specialist
    at State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • I've learned how to build lasting relationships and work with people from many countries and cultures from my MGM cohort - something that has set me aprt in my career from others upon returning to the US.“

    Mika Flor
    Origin: USA

  • Through this Master program I found the job which I always dreamed of. Now I work for an international company in the automotive industry.“

    Olsa Rumbullaku
    Origin: Albania

    Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis
  • The MBA in Global Management provides a modern management education in an international environment.“

    Guido Schwartz
    Origin: Germany

    Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis
  • I chose the "Master in Global Management" for its renowned reputation. It was an exceptional multicultural experience.“

    Thunlawan Likithatamanit
    Origin: Thailand

    Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis
  • I learnt how to conduct business in an unknown environment with partners from many different countries and cultures and I now feel that I am prepared and able to do my best as part of a multinational team around on the globe.“

    Rabi Royappa Williams
    Origin: India

    Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis
  • IGC´s MBA comprises coursework that prepares students with immense team activities. With the skills gained, I contribute today in 'Global sustainable energy development'. This is what I dreamt of."

    Bhanu Vishnubhatla
    Origin: India
    Currently: Germany

    Sales and Engineering
    at Genet GmbH, Germany


Do you aim to make an impact in worldwide business and seek for an exceptional international education on which you can build your further life and career? Then, our MBA in Global Management is the right choice. You will develop lasting connections with classmates and faculty from all over the world, due to small class sizes and interactive teaching and learning. What makes the program unique is the blend of top-notch management education, a strong practice-orientation and cross-cultural experience, both inside and outside class."

Prof. Dr. Mechthild Schrooten
Prof. Dr. Mechthild Schrooten
Course Director

International Student Assistance

Our International Student Assistance (ISA) assists you in different aspects of settling in: finding accommodation, handling visa applications, clarifing insurance queries and dealing with authorities both at home and abroad. This service is of course free of charge. Furthermore ISA regularly organizes excursions and events during your study in Bremen. They offer movie nights, sightseeing trips, a christmas party, BBQ and excursions to several cities.

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