MBA in International Tourism Management

Be a professional in an international business

Basic business knowledge and subject-specific abilities: The MBA in International Tourism at the International Graduate Center (IGC) prepares you to become a leader in the dynamic tourism industry. In recent decades, tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. For this reason, the curriculum of the MBA in International Tourism Management focuses on building international and intercultural management skills. Through the diverse student body, you get to know people from all over the world and gain valuable experience for your personal and professional growth. The study program is designed to expand your expertise. Here, your practical know-how will be supplemented through our high quality academic education.

Your benefits

  • Interdisciplinary, practice-oriented management studies
  • Program in English
  • Excursions and project trip to European destination
  • German language course included


  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 10% business content
  • Minimum of one-year work experience
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Open mind for other cultures

Key Facts - MBA in European/Asian Management

Degree icon
Master of Business Administration
Degree - Master of Business Administration

Upon completion of this postgraduate management degree, you will earn your Master’s in Business Administration. Unlike other rather general MBA programs, our MBA program offers you the opportunity to specialize in International Tourism Management. The title of MBA is internationally renowned in business and stands for hands-on management education and leadership training.

Language icon
Language - English

As the language of education is English, very good English knowledge is required. Please be advised that while it is possible to complete your degree without any German language knowledge, most local jobs will require German skills. For this reason, if you plan to work in Germany following your studies, we recommend that you take advantage of our free German courses.

Calendar icon
Start - October

The program begins in the winter semester. The introductory events and courses start at the beginning of October and run until mid-February, so make sure to plan accordingly. The summer semester begins after a short break in March. Your mandatory project trip to a European destination takes place during this semester. Starting in May, you can use the lecture-free period to work on your master’s thesis.

Duration & Type
3 semester / full-time
Duration & Type - 3 semester / full-time

Depending on your educational qualifications, you can complete your studies in two or three semesters as a full-time student. For the first option (Fast Track) you need a bachelor's degree with 240 ECTS credits; for the second option (three semesters) you need a bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS credits.

Accreditation icon
Accreditation - AQAS

Accreditation of our degree programs is very important to us. For this reason, we regularly have our programs reviewed for quality by independent external agencies. The MBA in International Tourism Management is accredited by the agency AQAS (Agentur für Qualitätssicherung durch Akkreditierung von Studiengängen e.V.). Since 2002, this agency has accredited most of the study programs at public universities in Germany.

Class icon
Group size
About 25 students
Group size - About 25 students

Our classes take place in small groups of about 25 students. This gives you the opportunity to maintain close contact with teachers and lecturers and facilitates cooperation and intercultural exchange among fellow-students.

Tuition icon
Tuition fee
12,900 Euro
Tuition fee - 12,900 Euro

The tuition fee is 12,900 euros for the entire course, plus an additional semester fee of roughly 350 euros per semester (as of 08/2018). The semester fee covers your student ticket that entitles you to free public transportation in Bremen, as well as to Lower Saxony and Hamburg. To learn more about financing your studies or arranging a personalized payment plan, see the menu item Support.

Deadline icon
Application deadline
September 30th
Application deadline - September 30th

The application deadline for the academic year beginning in 2019 is September 30 of the same year. If you apply after the deadline, you will be put on a waitlist. Application submission is possible online only using our application tool. We look forward to receiving your application, even if you don’t yet have all of your documents available to you.

Program description - MBA in International Tourism Management

Become a leader in a global industry

The MBA program in Tourism Management at the International Graduate Center (IGC) equips you with skills essential to working in e-tourism, project and quality management, business and intercultural management. The IGC provides a holistic approach to education by incorporating your practical experience into its teaching methods. To gain further practical experience, you can choose to complete an optional internship with one of our business partners. Gain practical experience abroad. Within the Applied Project Management module, you will have access to a large strategic network of European partners and their individual projects. During an excursion, you will have the chance to gain an insight into the latest developments within the industry. Depending on your project, you will have the opportunity to gather experiences in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania or Spain. Alongside our local and international professors here at IGC, we work with other highly qualified professionals from companies such as TUI or Deloitte. Our classes’ sizes are small and learning take place in a vibrant atmosphere. The lecturers use a variety of learning methods and moderation techniques that range from discussions and presentations to case studies and interactive role-playing exercises. Those of you who are looking to improve their social skills can take advantage of the interactive training phases. During these, you will get to set your own goals and systematically train your technical, social and intercultural communication skills.

  • Bremen was lovely! I came back to my homeland wiser, with a brand new frame of mind!“

    Walid Nasreddine
    Origin: Lebanon

    Pricing Analyst/Distributor officer
    at Middle East Airlines


  • I can honestly say that I got much more out of the MBA in Tourism program than I first expected.“

    Katrin Uhrbrock
    Origin: Germany

    Business Development Manager
    at Deloitte

  • IGC offered a unique opportunity to grow in a dynamic environment with students from different cultural and academic backgrounds.“

    Amber Rivero
    Origin: Belizean

    Airline Sales Agent Support
    at FLYLINE Tele Sales & Services GmbH

Contact - Program Coordinator

Students, lecturers and staff of the IGC with their very different educational and cultural backgrounds create a really special atmosphere in class and an environment that is diverse, inspiring and innovative. At the same time it is a challenge for all, a challenge that reflects everyday life in international tourism business with highly diverse staff and business partners."

Prof. Dr. Felix B. Herle
Prof. Dr. Felix B. Herle
Program Director

Our International Student Assistance (ISA) assists you in different aspects of settling in: finding accommodation, handling visa applications, clarifing insurance queries and dealing with authorities both at home and abroad. This service is of course free of charge. Furthermore ISA regularly organizes excursions and events during your study in Bremen. They offer movie nights, sightseeing trips, a christmas party, BBQ and excursions to several cities.

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