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The International Graduate Center (IGC) of Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany´s first graduate schools with a focus on management and leadership. Our university can rely on a network of more than 350 partner institutions from all over the world. Since 2005, we have been working together with professional recruitment agencies worldwide. We appreciate and value the service our educational agents provide to prospective IGC students and their help in finding the right full-time MBA- or Master's program for each individual prospect. We are still looking for educational agents who operate globally and specialize in placing international students in English-taught MBA and Master's programs.

IGC offers high quality academic education with practical relevance and international experience. Our goal is to help international students with a bachelor's degree gain access to a variety of well-structured master's programs in international business and management. We guarantee a postgraduate education that meets both academic and professional requirements.

If you are interested in our profile and would like to discuss potential partnership opportunities in more detail, please contact us: send an email or  request a virtual meeting.

Our Master programs

*Note: Placement in the Master Program Areonautical Management is not part of our agent contract!

What we look for

As a new partner you should meet the following criteria:

  • You are specialized and expierenced in placing international students in English-speaking master programs in Europe or North America.
  • Your agency is registered and licencensed as a business in your respective market(s).
  • Your agency guarantees a high quality online presence via website(s) and social media channels.
  • You have a track record with German universities and/or are familiar with the German university environment.

What we offer

The IGC has over 15 years of experience in educating international graduate students:

  •     We currently offer eight internationally recognized MBA and Master's programs.
  •     All full-time programs are taught in English.
  •     Additional German language courses are also offered to international students.
  •     Cultural diversity is a core value of IGC.
  •     Bremen is a major cultural and economic hub in Northern Germany.
  •     Bremen is home to many global leading companies.
  •     After completing their studies, students are entitled to a job-seeking visa.

General admission requirements referenced

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