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Please send us the missing documents for your application using the form below. Please note that your application can only be processed if all documents are complete. Since your data is automatically assigned based on the application number and your surname, please enter it exactly as you did when applying.

Senden Sie uns über untenstehendes Formular die Dokumente zu, die Sie noch nachreichen wollen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass eine Bewerbung erst bearbeitet werden kann, wenn alle Dokumente vollständig vorliegen. Da Ihre Daten anhand der Bewerbungsnummer und Ihres Nachnamens automatisch zugeordnet werden, tragen Sie diese bitte exakt so ein wie bei der Bewerbung.


Document Upload Form


This section is for uploading your application documents. Please only use pdf-files or scans (jpg) and combine documents (e.g. certificates and transcripts).
• passport photograph
• proof of previous university degree(s) and transcripts
• copies of either birth certificate or passport (preferred)
• proof of practical knowledge or work experience
• curriculum vitae (complete)
• an essay outlining my interest in the programme
• proof of knowledge of the English language
• a letter of recommendation by an employer/ university teacher original APS-Certificate, for every Chinese or Vietnamese applicant

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