MBA in European/Asian Management

Key facts

Degree Master of Business Administration
Start November 2023
Application deadline 

March 31, 2023

Accreditation AQAS
Language English
Duration & Type 3 semester / full-time
Group size ca. 25 students
Tuition fees € 15.900* plus an additional semester fee of roughly € 350 / semester
*subject to the amendment of the examination regulations

The MBA for professionals with a non-business first degree

This MBA is designed to meet the needs of young professionals with a non-business first degree and at least one year of professional work experience after the first degree, who seek an international career in senior management positions. By working with our internationally experienced faculty and classmates from across the globe you will gain first-hand experience in international teamwork and management.
The diverse curriculum comprises of six core modules in general management – including, among others, Cross-Cultural Management, Finance and Accounting, International Project Management, and Global Business Knowledge – and two comparative modules on Europe/Asian Management. In addition, you can choose one specialization, comprising of two modules, that aims to accelerate and deepen your understanding and knowledge and, thus, will help you to achieve your professional goals. Our elective portfolio, which is updated annually, includes world-class electives like Leadership, Blockchain, Social Media Marketing, Logistics, Risk Management, Entrepreneurship.

By integrating a variety of practical experiences into our curriculum, including immersion trips abroad, company visits, expert talks, hands-on projects, we will prepare you for the job market of the future. The small class sizes with approximately 25 participants result in dynamic interactions with each other as well as with our renowned professors and guest lecturers. At the same time, our internationally diverse student community helps you further your intercultural communication skills. The curriculum comes full circle with the thesis project that bridges academic study and professional practice by applying all the skills you have gained during your studies to a real-world business problem, often in cooperation with a company. To gain more hands-on experience in a professional business environment, students can also choose to complete a 22-week internship.



An MBA in European/Asian Management prepares you for management positions in all areas of business. A special focus of the IGC is the internationality and interculturality of the curriculum, students and faculty. You will acquire intercultural competence, which is increasingly in demand in companies and organizations. This applies to multinational corporations as well as medium-sized companies, public administration and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). International graduates can use Germany's job-seeking visa to prepare for their next career step.



  • International Student Assistance (ISA)
  • Study tour to Luxembourg or other European hub
  • Close contact to local industry
  • Great balance of theory and practice
  • International network
  • Free German language courses (optional)

Course of studies

The MBA program is designed for three semesters. Semesters 1+2 comprise the lecture and exam phase of the program. In semester 3, the Master's Thesis is completed.


Online Info Session: February 15, 2023

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Program Coordination
Dr. Mihaela Jucan
P: +49 421 5905-4775


International Communication Skills

  • Culture and Cross-cultural Management
  • Communication & Presentation

International Communication Skills aims to equip students with a deepened understanding of the importance of culture and trains their cross-cultural competences. Students are further introduced to communication and presentation techniques essential in today’s business.

People and Management

  • Human Resources and Diversity Management 
  • Business Ethics / Sustainable Development

People and Management deals with the influence of various racial, cultural, societal, geographic, economic and political backgrounds on business decisions and enables students to develop their understanding of key issues of ethical and sustainable management in a global context.

Finance and Accounting

  • Global Finance
  • International Accounting

Finance and Accounting, addresses financial markets, trade financing, financial control of multinational companies, assessment of investments and risks, capital costs and risks in foreign trade, and is concerned with modern controlling concepts and instruments.

Global Business Knowledge

  • Strategic Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Economics

Global Business Knowledge provides learners with a deepened knowledge of economic issues faced by companies, internationalization strategies, concepts and instruments of strategic management, and a systematic knowledge in business analytics in a global context.

European/Asian Management I

•  Institutions and Policy-making in Europe and Asia
•  European/Asian Economics and Business

Area Specialization I provides an introduction to the economic, political and social
conditions of doing business in Asia and Europe.


International Business Law and Taxation

  • International Taxation
  • International Business Law

International Business Law and Taxation, introduces basic principles of international business law and addresses the purpose, kinds, regulation and use of taxation in international business.    

International Project Management

  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Global value chain

International Project Management, addresses fundamental principles of Project Management, its possible fields of application and its relevance for process optimization of a global value chain.

European/Asian Management II

  • The EU/Asia in the Global Economy
  • Business Study Tour

Area Specialization II, offers an understanding of the European/Asian economic and business fundamentals.

Topical Specialization I

  • Global Business Logistics
  • Entrepreneurship and Risk Management
  • Digital Transformation and Leadership

In our module Topical Specialization students can choose to dive deeper into a topic of their choice. Currently three topics are offered: Global Business Logistics, Entrepreneurship and Risk Management, and Digital Transformation and Leadership. Depending on students’ interests more options can be offered from the university’s Master programs portfolio.

Topical Specialization II

See topics in module Topical Specialization I

Master Thesis Seminar

The Master Thesis Seminar introduces students to academic writing and prepares them specifically for the master thesis. It covers the standards in preparing scientific papers, the function of a master thesis, possible cooperation with companies, methods for literature search, and the rules of plagiarism. In the master thesis students have to deal intensively with a research project or case study and put it in writing in the form of a scientific paper. Students can attend an optional 22-week internship (also in combination with the master thesis) after the completion of the first 10 modules. If it is a professionally relevant internship and includes a written scientific internship report (15-20 pages), students can obtain 30 ECTS credits

Master Thesis

During the master thesis seminar you will have to deal intensively with a research or case study project and put this down in the form of a scientific work in writing.

Information for students

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