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Germany is one of the safest countries in the world - gender equality and inclusion are an integral part of society and democracy in Northern Europe and especially in Germany. No wonder it is one of the most popular countries for students from all over the world. In 2022/23, more than 450,000 international students were studying here.

Studying in the heart of Europe offers much more than great opportunities in the global job market after graduation, a high level of safety and a very student-friendly visa process. Find out what makes Germany the country of choice for your studies.

Studying in Germany means

Great career chances

An internationally recognized degree from Germany gives you excellent prospects in the global job market. With the largest economy in Europe and the forth largest in the world, Germany is home to many market leaders and well-known international companies that are always in need of qualified international professionals.

Top academic quality

German universities are ranked among the best in the world and are renowned for excellent teaching and research. Germany also stands for the highest quality and innovative and revolutionary ideas in research and science.

Safe & welcoming

Germany is an economically and politically stable country where you can move around freely during the day and at night. Germany prides itself on having a "welcoming culture“ for people from all over the world. Today 10.6 million people, about 13% of the total population, come from different nations, cultures and religions. Freedom of religion and expression is one of the most important values in society. Regardless of religion, origin, gender or sexual orientation, performance and commitment are valued here - everyone has the same rights.

Excellent visa conditions

Unlike most other European countries, foreign students can stay in Germany for 18 months after graduation. This allows students to focus on their  studies and graduation without having to worry about their visa expiring. Many students use this time to find a suitable job in one of the international companies after graduation.

Affordable & comfortable life in the heart of Europe

Those living in Germany can look forward to a low cost of living compared to most of its European neighbors. Germany's cities are also some of the cleanest in Europe, and the entire country has an excellent infrastructure, making it easy to travel around Europe safely and comfortably.


Diverse landscapes & cosmopolitan cities

Germany's vibrant cities with an almost limitless array of cultural and recreational attractions are just as attractive as its varied landscapes and beautiful historic buildings. Spend a weekend hiking in the Alps, relaxing on the beach or having a blast in the party metropolis and port city of Hamburg- boredom is far from the minds of students here.


Culture & innovation

Small town and big cities alike offer a wide range of cultural highlights throughout the year. These include traditional and seasonal festivals and sporting events. Students can enjoy many of these cultural highlights at a reduced student price. On the other hand, Germany is a highly innovative, devoloped country that stands for technological progress.


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  • Top academic quality
  • Great career chances
  • Safe country
  • Student-friendly
  • Affordable living
  • Culture
  • Diversity

Job seeker visa

International graduates can take advantage of Germany's Job-Seeker Visa to stay in the country for up to 18 months after graduation and secure employment before applying for a long-term work permit.

Sights in Germany

MBA and Master study in Germany - Competent, affordable, safe and popular

Made in Germany - all over the world that stands for high quality. This is also because jobs in Germany are usually done very conscientiously and carefully. Punctuality, reliability and care are among the most important values, which is also noticeable in the course of studies. This is one of the reasons why a German Master's degree is so highly regarded internationally. Anyone with experience of the German business world is in great demand in the global financial and economic market. Although the global economy has faced many problems in recent years, Germany continues to be an extremely strong in the economy. The German education system and the careful way in which it operates ensure that Germany is one of the world's leading players in the financial and economic sector, and that many important companies are based here, with which you can make contacts while studying in Germany.

Regardless of religion, origin or gender, performance and commitment are rated here - everyone has the same rights. No matter where you come from, everyone is welcome! In Germany, freedom of religion and freedom of expression are among the most important social values. With one of the best education systems in the world, communication is not a problem as most Germans speak very good English and are very helpful.
Germany is a very student-friendly country, and universities are strongly supported by the state and are thus among the best universities in Europe. In addition, unlike most other European countries, foreign students can stay in Germany for 18 months after graduating. Many students use this time to get a job in one of the many resident modern and multinational companies based in Germany. In other European countries (such as the UK), the visa usually expires immediately after graduation. This means that you can concentrate on your studies and graduation without having to worry about your visa.

All of these factors create fantastic conditions that are ideal for creative and free thinking, that is why Germany is arguably the country with the most patent applications in Europe. Further information about the visa in Germany can be found here.

Life in Germany can be very diverse. Vibrant cities with an almost unlimited amount of cultural and leisure attractions are just as attractive as the varied landscapes and beautiful historic buildings.

In the north of Germany are the beaches of the Baltic and North Seas, including the world's largest tidal flats system, the Wadden Sea. The major cities of Bremen and Hamburg are only a few kilometres away, and at low tide you can walk many kilometres across the North Sea to the Frisian Islands. The Alps in the south of Germany form the largest mountain range in Europe. There is so much more to discover and experience in between. Surfing in the Baltic Sea or skiing in winter resorts that are among the most beautiful in Europe. Hiking in the national parks with their natural forests, walking on the almost 3,000 metre high glacier of the Zugspitze, enjoying a cold beer and German sausage at the Oktoberfest in Munich or a weekend in the party capital Berlin - there is no chance of boredom for students here. What's more, countries like France, England and Italy are all within easy reach and relatively cheap to travel to from Germany.

Hardly any other country has so many theaters, museums or such a big music scene. Additionally, Germany also has a low cost of living and a thriving economy. Germany's cities are some of the cleanest in Europe and the whole country has an excellent infrastructure. Punctual and regular public transport and a very safe and responsible road system mean you can get around quickly. Due to strong infrastructure and safe roads, many Germans in the cities choose to cycle in the cities, which is one of the reasons for the pleasant and clean air in German cities.

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