Writing the perfect job application

You're nearing the end of your MBA or Master's degree, or you've even completed it already – it's an exciting time, because now it's time to start looking for a job. In this blog post, we give you some tips for writing the perfect job application for the job of your dreams.

Student working on laptop

Curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae (CV) is the heart of the application. Here you list the most important stages of your career in a legible font size and font (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri). A line spacing of 1.15 is ideal; the space between the lines increases readability. In addition, less is more: Since recruiters sift through many applications every day and have little time, it is important to convince them quickly. Your CV should therefore fit neatly onto no more than two pages and be clearly structured. To score additional points, adapt your CV individually to the advertised position.

Tip: If you want to apply to a German company, it is advisable to write your CV in German as well. It is best to always have two CVs in German and English up to date.

Professional application photo

A professional application photo for your CV is the icing on the cake of any application. Although it is no longer mandatory, it is highly recommended so that people can get an idea of who you are. Make sure that your outfit matches the job you are applying for. There are several photo studios in Bremen where you can have professional application photos taken.

Cover letter

Once you have prepared your CV, you still need to write your cover letter, which is very common in Germany. In it, write how you became aware of the job advertisement, why you are applying, briefly describe yourself, especially in relation to the job advertisement, and mention aspects that are not already mentioned in your CV, so that the recruiter can get as comprehensive a picture of you as possible. Express that you have studied the company to which you are applying. Do not give the impression of a standardized cover letter that can be applied to different job postings. The following also applies to the cover letter: Less is more – write no more than one page and don't forget to put your signature at the end of the letter.

Important: If the job posting mentions a contact person, you should always address your cover letter to this person.

HSB Career Service

If you are unsure about the format, wording or general questions regarding the preparation of your CV or cover letter, the HSB Career Service will be happy to help you. Whether it's reviewing your CV or simply getting tips on how to apply, the team is there for you. Consultation is available in German and English – you can make an appointment by email (find all info on the website here). In addition to support in preparing your application, numerous workshops or speed dating sessions with various companies are also offered. Don't miss out on this opportunity and keep up to date with the events.

LinkedIn profile

Many recruiters also use career networks like LinkedIn for recruiting. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, don't forget to keep it updated. On LinkedIn, you can even set the "open to work" option to help recruiters notice and contact you more quickly. 

Tip: In addition, you can also register at the Career Gate, the job and career portal of HSB. There you can create a profile and find attractive job offers.

Finding the perfect job is a process – take your time with your applications and don't despair if the job search takes a little longer. Then you will certainly hold your signed employment contract in your hands soon. We wish you every success!