What's next after graduation?

How fast time flies, in the blink of an eye you are about to hand in your master thesis and have your degree from IGC in your pocket – how incredible! Thousands of things must be going through your mind, especially the question: what’s next? This blog post is about the "post-master's/MBA phase."

Thoughtful student at the window

When you reach such an important milestone in your life, a world of possibilities opens up to you. Not everyone pursues a Master's or MBA degree abroad, not everyone leaves their home country, family and friends to pursue their dreams. This degree not only gave you a lot more knowledge and skills, but also developed you as a person. So first take some time to celebrate this achievement, congratulate yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished.

Small company or large corporation?

The first question you should ask yourself is: Which company suits me? Do I want to work in an international corporation, start in a small or medium-sized company, or even open my own business? The choice of company size can be very important to your longer-term career ambitions and the work environment you want to feel comfortable in. Small and medium-sized companies offer, among other things, the advantage of a family environment with short decision-making processes and faster promotion opportunities, because you can often take on responsibility more quickly here. Many large corporations, however, score points with an international environment, regulated responsibilities and broader opportunities for further training. Closely related to the question of the right company is the question of the industry in which you would like to work. Take the time to listen to yourself and make the best choice for you. 

The choice of location – where do you want to work and live?

Do you want to stay in Germany after graduation or work in another European country? Are you drawn back to your home country or perhaps even to a completely different continent? Many of our students continue the adventure of living abroad after their studies. They want to spend a few years or more in Germany or in Europe and gain a professional foothold. For example, if you have decided to look for a job in Germany, you can easily apply for a job seeker visa. With this visa you are allowed to stay in Germany for 18 months after graduation in order to find a job in your professional field. The prerequisite is proof that you have enough money to live in Germany for at least six months. You can also take advantage of our career services, which are glad to help you with a variety of career-related questions.

If you are unsure about what is right for you in these often difficult decisions, seek advice from your family and friends, who know you well and will certainly be happy to advise you. Now we wish you every success in making your career plans!