The Easter bunny is coming: Easter traditions in Germany

The days are getting longer again, the temperatures milder and the first flowers are blooming – spring is here! With spring, Easter is also just around the corner. Maybe you've noticed all the chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies in the supermarket. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to a few traditions around Easter in Germany.

Easter basket

Colorful Easter eggs

If you walk through the many streets of Bremen, you will see that many windows and front gardens are decorated with colorful painted eggs hanging on branches, for example. Germans love Easter decorations! The bright colors drive away the winter gray and herald the arrival of spring. Children paint the Easter eggs in all kinds of colors and motifs, for example, in kindergarten, at school or together with their families. The more colorful eggs there are, the more beautiful everything looks!

Easter fire

On the evening before Easter Sunday, large bonfires – so-called Easter fires – are lit, especially in the villages. They mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring and are supposed to drive away the evil spirits of winter. Vegetable waste from the garden, such as twigs and branches, is burned. The family, friends or neighbors gather around the warming fire, have a drink and spend the evening together.

Easter bread

We all know that Germans love bread in all its varieties. In this context, of course, the Easter bread should not remain unmentioned: Easter bread is a sweet light bread that is eaten during Easter week. Many people bake it themselves, but you can also buy it at the bakery. Give it a try!

Easter egg search

Another nice tradition takes place on Easter Sunday: First thing in the morning after waking up, children go in search of Easter eggs (brightly painted, hard-boiled eggs) that the Easter bunny has hidden for them in various places – whether in the home or in the garden. The one who finds the most Easter eggs wins. Once the Easter egg search is over, there is a big family breakfast where the eggs found go straight onto the table.

Easter bunny

So what is the Easter Bunny all about? Well, around the origin of the Easter bunny different stories circulate. One theory says that parents had to invent for their children who would bring the Easter eggs at Easter – and because the bunny jumps so fast that you can hardly see it, they chose it. According to another theory, the Easter bunny is the result of a failed Easter cake: In the past, as well as today, bread and cakes are often baked in the shape of lambs at Easter, because originally the lamb was considered an Easter symbol. During baking, it is said that an Easter lamb once deformed in the oven so that it resembled a bunny.

Osterwiese – Bremen tradition

Don't forget that Easter Monday is a public holiday in Germany, when stores are closed. Take advantage of this day off to go outdoors, for a walk, a trip to the park or to the annual Bremen "Osterwiese": It takes place behind the main train station on the Bürgerweide – this year from April 8 to 24. Enjoy the unique fairground atmosphere with carousels, bumper cars, roasted almonds and much more. We wish you lots of fun!

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