Finding Accommodation in Bremen – Tips and Contacts

Are you looking for affordable accommodation in Bremen that fits your student budget? Whether you're looking for your own apartment, a student housing, or a room in a shared apartment, this blog post will provide you with important tips and contacts for your accommodation search.

Bremen skyline

At the beginning of the semester, the housing market in university cities like Bremen is usually in high demand, as many first-year students are looking for a place to live. Therefore, we recommend that you start looking for accommodation as early as possible. This is not always easy from a distance, but our International Student Assistance Team (ISA) will help you: After your admission to IGC, they will be happy to provide you with contact information for private and commercial landlords and housing providers in Bremen. Below you will find further information, tips and links.

Neighborhoods near Hochschule Bremen

IGC is located on the campus of Hochschule Bremen in the Neustadt. Therefore, these neighborhoods are especially recommended as a place to live, so that your way to GC is not too far:

  • Neustadt
  • Mitte
  • Obervieland
  • Woltmershausen
  • Huchting
  • Östliche Vorstadt

Your own apartment

If you prefer a quiet and private environment, an apartment may be a better choice than a shared apartment. Here you can retreat, make your own decisions and decorate your apartment according to your preferences. For a 1-room apartment in Bremen, you can expect to pay between 450 and 850 euros per month, including utilities. This is the most expensive of the three options presented here. Some landlords offer furnished apartments, which is especially convenient if you are moving here from abroad, cannot bring furniture with you, or cannot or do not want to make a large investment in furnishings.

Landlords attach great importance to creditworthiness. It is therefore very important that you present yourself as reliable, solvent and tidy. Refer to your blocked account and prove that you have a secure monthly income.

Popular online housing search platforms in Bremen:

Student housing

There are twelve student housing complexes in Bremen with approximately 2,170 student beds. Rents are generally lower than on the open housing market. Apartments range in size from one-room to four-room apartments. The rooms are usually furnished, which is often an advantage for first-year students. You can apply for an apartment at the Studierendenwerk Bremen, where you can also get all the information you need about locations and rents.

Tip: When it comes to student housing, you have to be quick! Since the number of applicants is usually high and there are sometimes long waiting lists, we recommend that you apply for an apartment as soon as you are admitted to IGC – this will increase your chances of success.

Shared apartment (WG)

Living in a shared apartment (short “WG” for the German word “Wohngemeinschaft”) is very common and popular among students in Germany. In a WG there is always something going on, boredom is rare. It has the advantage that you can quickly make friends with your flatmates and their friends. There is always someone to chat with, cook with or do other activities with. This can be especially helpful if you're moving to a completely new city where you don't know anyone.

Plus, a shared apartment is cheaper than a place of your own because you share the rent and utilities with your roommates, and you don't have to buy appliances like a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and kitchen utensils – the costs are shared or everyone contributes a device. However, not everyone is a "WG type" and may prefer to live alone.

For a single room in a shared apartment in Bremen, you can expect to pay an average of 420 euros a month, including utilities. For tips on what to look for when applying for a shared apartment and how to stand out from the crowd, watch this video on WG search.

WG room search sites in Bremen:

  • – One of the largest portals in Europe for WGs and apartments to rent
  • Blackboard of – In addition to WG searches, this site often advertises vacant apartments from private and commercial landlords:inside.
  • Housing Anywhere – Online booking platform especially for WG-seekers from abroad
  • – In the category "WGs"
  • – In the "WG Rooms" category

Tip: There are also several Facebook groups where people post about WG and apartment searches in Bremen. Join these groups and post your request to find potential WGs, roommates or landlords.

Having a nice place to live is a big part of feeling at home in a new city. Good luck with your accommodation search!