Students participate in E-Commerce Boot Camp

Our MBA in European/Asian Management and MBA in Global Management students participated in an E-Commerce Boot Camp organized by lecturer Dr. Hubert Joo-Kitano as part of the program. It was a 3-day intensive program designed to educate and inspire the students about the process of setting up and managing an e-commerce store, specifically using Shopify as the platform.

Group picture participants E-Commerce Bootcamp

The Boot Camp combined various forms of learning, including lectures, discussions, workshops, and hands-on exercises. The students built their own e-commerce store from scratch. Topics covered included understanding e-commerce trends, ideation and concept development for e-commerce stores, hands-on implementation with Shopify, supply chain management and logistics, product sourcing strategies, designing engaging user experiences, maximizing the potential of Shopify, streamlining payment processes, and SEO and content strategies for e-commerce success.


  • Day 1: Ideation and planning – the students learned about e-commerce trends and worked on their e-commerce business model.
  • Day 2: Development and implementation – the students set up their Shopify stores and learned about logistics and supply chain management.
  • Day 3: Testing, refinement, launch – the students tested their stores, optimized them, and prepared for launch.

Acquired competencies

The students acquired skills in e-commerce business planning, website design and development using Shopify, supply chain management, digital marketing, SEO optimization, and website testing and refinement. In addition, industry professionals gave interesting insights into real-world e-commerce operations during guest speaker sessions.

Guest speakers:

  • Ignacio Di Napoli, Merchant Growth Consultant Shopify
  • Sukh Takhar, E-Commerce Consultant & Strategist
  • Suryakant Kumar, Student Representative Hochschule Bremen
  • Christine Gneuss, Marketing Director & SEO Specialist Monash University
  • Florian Bacquier, E-Commerce Media & Activation Manager Groupe SEB

The three days were very educational and inspiring to everyone who attended. We would like to thank Dr. Hubert Joo-Kitano for hosting this great event!


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