Master in European Studies program hosts EU Blockchain Industry Talk

The Master in European Studies program at IGC hosted a hybrid discussion on the EU Blockchain Industry on June 30, 2023. Participation was available both on-site and online – a short report by student Mikhael Angelo Sanchez.

Incoming and graduating students of the program attended the EU Blockchain Industry Talk with the aim of gaining an insight into the fast-emerging sector, particularly in the development of EU regulation. Intellectual Property Lawyer in Iran and current Master in European Studies student Marjan Bahmani said: “The blockchain industry is timely and relevant in today’s digital age as it offers fascinating opportunities while addressing key challenges of trust, security, and efficiency for consumers and our society.”

Alumnus Erwin Voloder (pictured here), who graduated in 2021 and is now the new Head of Policy at the European Blockchain Association, gave an interesting presentation on several relevant topics, including the EU Digital Finance Package, the EU Blockchain Services Infrastructure, and the Digital Euro Project. He also shared tips for graduates on how to get started in the public and private sectors in the EU. His Master’s degree in European Studies at IGC gave him a solid foundation and paved the way for his career success.



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