Excursion tips for the Bremen area

You are living in Bremen and have probably asked yourself what else you can do with your friends. What else is there to discover outside of Bremen? You already have the semester ticket, so you don't have to spend more money on transportation. In this article, we'll give you a few tips for excursions that are ideal for a weekend trip.


“Deutsches Auswandererhaus”

You have probably heard of Bremerhaven, because Bremerhaven is part of the Hanseatic City of Bremen, even though it is 68 kilometers away. During your stay in Bremen you should not forget about Bremerhaven. You can easily reach this city in less than an hour by train. And you will surely ask yourself, what am I doing there? In Bremerhaven there are two museums that are really worth seeing: One is the "Deutsches Auswandererhaus". It’s an interactive museum, where you can dive impressively into the German history of migration. Here you lose track of time and can easily spend several hours. Tickets for students cost 14 euros. You can learn more about the "Deutsche Auswandererhaus" here.


Also in Bremerhaven, not far from this museum is the "Klimahaus", which you also should not miss. In this museum you can take a tour through all climate zones of the earth. Here, too, there is reduced admission for students at the price of 14 euros (more info here).


Do you want to spend a different kind of afternoon without being far from Bremen? The city of Oldenburg is about half an hour by train from Bremen's main station and has a very nice historic city center. Here you can have a coffee, go for a walk or just stroll a bit, because unlike Bremen, here all the stores and a large shopping center are very close together on foot.


A real insider tip is Worpswede, a small, cozy artists' village. You can reach it from Bremen in less than 50 minutes and immerse yourself in the idyllic German village. Want to learn more? The village has its own website.


A recommended destination especially in summer is Cuxhaven at the North Sea. The city is 1.5 hours away from Bremen. Here you can spend a day at the sea or go into the mud flats (depending on whether it is low tide or high tide). The North Germans love their Wadden Sea, so you should have seen it at least once.

Hamburg and Hannover

Of course, don't forget the big cities like Hamburg and Hannover, where there is always something to discover. Both cities can be reached for free in less than 1.5 hours with your semester ticket. They have a lot to offer from theaters, museums and musicals to beautiful parks, architectural splendors, nightlife and everything you can imagine. In this post, we wanted to introduce you to the destinations that are a little less known, but all the more worthwhile.

Now we wish you a lot of fun on your journey of discovery! Tell us on social media how you liked it - we're looking forward to it!