IGC students visit Old Pumping Station in Bremen

It was an important visit to promote the exchange of international students from IGC with the Bremen economy and society: More than 20 MBA in International Tourism Management and MBA in European/Asian Management students visited the Old Pumping Station in Bremen at the end of November as part of their Intercultural Management and Communication modules. For almost all of the students who took part in the visit, it was their first interaction of this kind with non-academic institutions and initiatives in Bremen.

Students visit the Old Pumping Station

In line with the objectives of the 2022 "All Set" project, the visit also aimed to bring together the civil society organizations and sustainable businesses associated with Bremen with the international students. One of the main goals of the project is to establish and promote such connections and to integrate IGC's and HSB's international students more closely into Bremen's economy and society.

The Old Pumping Station is now a museum

The visit was made possible by the non-profit organization Altes Pumpwerk e. V. which was founded in 1997. Over the years, the association has transformed Bremen's former pumping station into a museum showcasing the extensive wastewater treatment ecosystem in Bremen and the engineering and social interventions, which made the detoxification of Bremen’s natural water system, including the Weser river possible. The Old Pumping Station is nowadays a venue for concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events.

Prof. Dr. Mayank Kumar Golpelwar (Faculty 1, HSB), Priyanka Mitruka (MBA in European/Asian Management student) and Maren Ehrlichmann (International Tourism Management student, HSB) organized and accompanied the visit. All three are part of the DTX cluster project "GlobalReady" which aims at enhancing the readiness of IGC and HSB students preparing for integration in global cultures and structures.

Scribbling Seeds - Initiative for sustainable management

Paramjit Singh Kohli from the sustainable business initiative "Scribbling Seeds" also engaged in an interactive exchange with the students about sustainable business in Germany. Lutz Naupold from Altes Pumpwerk e. V. led the interactive tour and answered the students' many questions. The students showed great interest in volunteering and getting involved in social initiatives such as the work of the Altes Pumpenwerk e. V., as well as having more contact with the sustainable companies from "Scribbling Seeds".


A report by Maren Ehrlichmann