Winter term 2022

Flexible learning according to your special needs

We offer you flexibility and reliability, so that nothing stands in the way of your studies – even in the uncertain times of the pandemic.

On-site learning

Get to know different approaches and perspectives: The personal exchange in small groups of students from diverse cultures enriches your learning process. That’s why it is our ambition to ensure you an inclusive, innovative and impactful education available through on-site learning.

Flexible learning

Our technical equipment enables courses both for participants on-site and as digital lectures. You can attend courses online or take advantage of other learning methods depending on the course of study and module, if required. Wherever you are, you won't miss any learning matter.

Working together

Discussing presentations with fellow students and working on them together can contribute significantly to the successful completion of your studies as it facilitates learning and increases motivation. But no worries: If you can’t attend in person, you don’t have to do without it. The small study groups (up to 25 students) make it easy for you to participate digitally as well.

Digital exams

You can also take your exam online, if required. We have both on-site and digital forms of examination flexible to use depending on the situation. The form of examination is based on the course of study and module.

Switch options

Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, you can easily start digitally in case of visa delays or other circumstances and later switch to classroom teaching once you are on-site. We are dedicated to making your studies work.

I spent my second semester with the University of Valencia, what I would really cherish about my MBA experience is the fact that we all got to become a part of a global community and had a chance to meet people from all around the world with different cultural backgrounds. In my case, switching from one partner university in Germa-ny to another one in Spain made it an even more interesting experience, as I myself come from India and got a chance to interact with two more distinct cultures.

We actually got to experience both online and offline versions of learning, teamwork and collaboration, which I believe would position us better to take up jobs in the upcoming digital world. The added experience with the pan-demic has also taught us how to be more flexible and deal with challenging situations

Lavanya Tayal
IMBA student 2019-2020

In one day we got access to the IGC’s e-learning system Aulis, our e-mail student accounts, guidelines how to use University WLAN systems and Helpdesk contacts. In Aulis we got full information about our modules, lectures, detailed task descriptions and a variety of additional materials. Online lectures were constructed in a highly inter-active manner, which kept us involved and in tonus even sitting at home with a cup of tea. We have got a variety of tasks and assignments, in-class and at home, group and individual.

I have definitely missed my classmates, all these precious opportunities to discuss interesting questions sitting together, help each other and get to know new people from different countries. But the pandemic gave us the chance for adaptation and we have managed. The communication with classmates during the group assignments’ preparation was very intensive: planning, researching, reports’ and presentations’ preparation made us not only an effective team in this learning and deadlines managing process, but sometimes even close friends.

In my second semester I have continued studying online in the IBSA-partner University of Valencia having a mar-keting specialization as the second degree. The first part of the semester was online for everybody. As much as in the IGC I was also very impressed with the level of the interactiveness during the online lectures. A part of our assessment was class work engagement, which was well organized through the multiple class assignments.

My key takeaway from this one year online IMBA course experience is that you can do your best in all circumstanc-es if you are motivated to succeed. The IGC Hochschule Bremen gives you maximum tools to reach the best results even in this exceptional pandemic situation. I believe that true professionalism is shown in managing through changes and only a master can adapt quickly showing the best results in all circumstances.

Olga Leshchanskaya
IMBA student 2020-2021

Further testimonial voices


How our students experienced their online studies at the IGC during the pandemic

In these two videos, our graduates also talk about their online course experiences at the International Graduate Center during the pandemic.

On the left, Olga, who you already know from the quote above, speaks about her experience and on the right, three Indian students talk about their online as well as classroom lessons during Corona.

International MBA - Student Voice