Travelling around in Europe during your studies

We all know that during a Master's degree abroad, you not only learn a lot but you immerse yourself in a new world, new cultures, new customs and learn many other things besides those related to your MBA or Master's degree. The fact of being for the first time or at least for so long in Europe awakens the interest to visit and see as much as possible during the stay. We at IGC know that and that is why we wanted to write this article especially for you!

Boat in front of canal houses in Amsterdam

In Europe, unlike in other continents, you can be in another country after driving two hours in one direction – making any trip very attractive. Whether by bus, train, plane or renting a car with friends you have many ways to get where you want to go.

Amsterdam, Zürich or Denmark?

From Bremen you can reach Amsterdam in less than 5 hours by train, Zürich in less than 12 hours by train, Denmark in 6 hours by train and many other destinations. Moreover, in Bremen as well as in Hamburg and Hannover there are international airports from which you can fly as well. Even though Hamburg airport is the largest of the three and offers many more connections than the other two, it does not mean that you cannot fly from Bremen. Low cost airlines such as Ryanair and WizAir have several destinations from Bremen airport. If you have a little more patience and don't mind the hours of travel you can get almost everywhere with Flixbus. In Bremen the Flixbus station is located almost in front of the main train station.

How to find the best price for your trip

You're probably wondering how to find the best connections at the best price? There is no magic recipe for that, you have to play with your travel dates and if you are in an adventurous format you can play with your destination as well. On the Omio website for example you can always put where you want to go from and it shows you the best prices on train, bus and plane. You can also compare travel time, price and stopovers to make the best possible decision.

How to find the optimal lodging

Another important detail is the lodging: Once you have chosen and purchased the means of transportation it is time to decide where to stay. As with the great amount of options you have to get from A to B, it is the same with the lodgings. Depending on your budget you can stay in a hotel, an Airbnb or a hostel. There are numerous websites where you can search for the right accommodation for you and your friends. Do you want to meet more international people during your trip and also want to spend as little as possible? Then staying in a hostel is the best option for you! Hostels have shared rooms as well as private rooms. They offer common areas such as living and dining rooms and best of all, some hostels offer various activities both inside and outside the hostel to get to know the city you are visiting even better and having a lot of fun. In the Hostelworld app for example you can choose the best hostels in which you want to stay in each city.

Free walking tours

In the city you are visiting you have a wide range of possibilities to do. The best of all is always to start your stay with a free walking tour – most cities offer this. You should find out where and at what time the meeting point is. These tours are full of young people and are done by locals who can give you the best tips on where to eat and what to visit afterwards. The tour does not have a specific cost, everyone pays what he/she thinks is convenient.

We will surely awaken even more desire to travel after this article. So, look at your free days, your exam schedules, your budget and let's travel around Europe!

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