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Important documents for the students

Starting a new degree at the International Graduate Center brings many benefits to students.

Student ID
After enrolling for your MBA or international Master, you will receive your own student ID card from your new university, which will officially confirm your studies. With this document, you can identify yourself as a student of the IGC and thus benefit from many different discounts within and outside Bremen. For example, you receive discounts at museums, cinemas or discos.

In addition to the Bremen student card, you will receive a semester ticket from IGC Bremen, which allows you to use public transport within and outside Bremen. The ticket is valid within the entire network of the transport association Bremen / Lower Saxony (VBN), in the traffic region Ems / Jade (VEJ) and within the traffic community of the district Cloppenburg (VGC). Within this scope of validity of the Semesterticket you can use all buses, trams and regional trains without having to purchase an additional ticket. In addition, they can be used the night lines of Bremen tram AG (BSAG), the VBN and the traffic and water GmbH Oldenburg (VWG) without the cost of an additional night supplement.

Working beside the studies
In order to fully enjoy the life of a student, study-accompanying part-time jobs offer the opportunity to supplement the financial resources. Whether as a student assistant at your teaching institution or a temporary job in another area, Bremen offers many different ways to find a suitable job. However, there are also some things to keep in mind, which is why we would like to give you an overview of the different types of employment for your orientation.

Short-term employment

  • Duration: a maximum of 50 working days per year or a maximum of two months at a time
  • Salary: No upper wage limit
  • Tax or similar: Payroll tax must be paid

Marginal employment

  • Duration: a maximum of 19 hours per week
  • Salary: Maximum 400 euros per month
  • Tax or similar: Tax-free

Regular employment

  • Duration: more than eight weeks & more than 20 hours per week
  • Salary: more than 400 euros per month
  • Tax or similar: taxable

Studi hacks

  • Many online shops or streaming providers provide special offers for students
  • Through student organizations you can make contacts and develop your skills
  • Internships during the semester break bring further experience and practice