Inauguration of the Professional School campus of the Hochschule Bremen

Rector Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey: "Attractive Address for Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education"

At the ceremonial cutting of the opening ribbon, the Senator of Science, Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt: "Campus Neustadt has created a very good environment for optimally training future executives and providing them with a springboard to a successful career. The large network of partner universities and companies of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the outstanding infrastructure of Bremen as a location for science and, of course, the internationality and diversity at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences - all these factors contribute to the success of the new offer."



Janina Marahrens-Hashagen, President of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce - Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Bremen and Bremerhaven and member of the IGC Business Advisory Board, added: "The demand for skilled workers remains high in the Bremen economy. Lack of staff is consistently mentioned by our member companies as a particularly big business risk for business development. The Chamber of Commerce therefore welcomes the activities of the Hochschule Bremen in the further academic education of specialists and executives from the entire Northwest Metropolitan Region . In addition to extra-occupational courses at the master's level, further education with certificates below the academic qualifications is also important. With the new continuing education campus, the Hochschule Bremen has created the best conditions for expanding its offer and thus strengthening Bremen's position as an attractive location for science and business. "

For Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey, Rector of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, describes the address Langemarckstraße 113 as an important milestone in terms of urban development and, above all, the development of the "Campus Neustadt": "With this building, HSB creates an attractive address for its offers in the area of lifelong life learning and continuing education. In doing so, it makes a significant contribution to safeguarding skilled workers, which also creates a further opportunity for cooperation with companies and organizations in the area of personnel development."

In his speech Prof. Dr. Tim Goydke, Scientific Director of the IGC and the HSB Professional School, among other things, on the history of the building: "We return with the building to the place where the predecessor institution of today's Hochschule Bremen was founded in 1895. Practical education and advanced training at a high scientific level was the driving idea even then. After 125 years, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences is now back to its roots and tradition in Langemarckstraße 113. "

The building was built in the years 1892 to 1894 as a school building, but initially served as the headquarters of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for the "Seemaschinistenschule" and the mechanical and shipbuilding school. It was not until 1906 with the completion of the opposite building (now the M building of the Hochschule Bremen) that the Hochschule Bremen moved to the opposite side of the street, and the complex in the Langemarckstraße 113 could serve again as a regular school building. In the First World War, the use as a hospital followed, later as a local government. Since 2018 Langemarckstraße 113 has been the address for the continuing education institutions IGC and HSB Professional School. This makes HSB the pioneer nationwide for new models of lifelong learning.

The IGC, which has been extremely successful for more than 15 years with its continuing education in MBA and masters courses, now adds seminar rooms, four lecture halls and offices in Langemarckstraße. Around 300 women and men from over 60 nations are currently studying at the IGC. It offers six full-time and three part-time Master's programs. The IGC aspires to be optimally qualified for management tasks, thus creating an ideal starting position for a successful career. Meanwhile, the IGC counts about 1,500 graduates. In addition, the HSB Professional School has offered extra-occupational certificate courses since this year, where university experience is not required. The HSB sees itself as an open university and has made it its strategic task to further develop its offerings in the area of ​​further education and lifelong learning.

With the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, the Senator for Science, Health and Consumer Protection, Prof. Dr. med. Eva Quante-Brandt, on Thursday, May 16, 12:30 pm, officially opened the new destination of the HSB Professional School in the Langemarckstraße 113. The cost of the conversion and extension, which was carried out during ongoing operation of the adjoining day care center, amounts to 5.2 million euros.

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