Cost of living in Bremen

There are many things to consider around studying abroad. One important topic is the financing of the study stay. In addition to tuition fees, the main issue is the monthly cost of living, which includes rent and food. These can vary greatly from city to city. The good news is that students in Bremen live relatively cheaply compared to the rest of Germany. Learn more about the cost of living in Bremen in this blog post.

Apartment Rents

The majority of your monthly living costs are for your apartment or shared room. Depending on whether you want to live alone or in a shared apartment, prices vary. The cheapest apartments are offered by the Studierendenwerk Bremen (rent from about 320 euros). Rooms in shared flats outside the Studierendenwerk Bremen are priced between 320 and 450 euros per month. If you want to live alone, you should expect to pay about 500-800 euros per month.

Food, clothing, free time

Other fixed costs that need to be calculated are food, clothing, internet, excursions with friends, leisure time activities etc. For this area it is very difficult to give an exact amount, because it depends on your individual consumption behavior and your leisure time activities. As an orientation for you: On average, however, you can assume monthly expenses of 400 to 500 euros.

Health insurance

You have probably already heard that in Germany the conclusion of a health insurance is required by law and at the same time a prerequisite for entry. For this you should plan about 110 Euro per month. But don't worry: This includes almost all medical treatments as well as preventive examinations. Even if your doctor writes you a prescription for a medicine, you only pay a small portion of the price of the medicine – the rest is covered by your health insurance. You can read more about health insurance in Germany in this blog post

Semester fee

Twice a year you should set aside some money to pay the semester fee. The semester fee in Bremen is currently around 350 euros. The good thing about it is that you have already bought your semester ticket with which you can use the public transport in Bremen as well as the regional transport in the surrounding area (learn more about the semester ticket in this blog post).

Last, but not least, keep in mind that you will have to pay a one-time fee of about 100 Euros for your residence permit after your arrival in Germany. 

According to these calculations, the average amount of money you should have available is 900 Euros per month. Our tip: Have a small additional buffer for unforeseen expenses – then you are well prepared for student life in Bremen.