Free use of bikes for IGC students

Bremen is a cycling city: According to a survey by the German Bicycle Club (ADFC), the Hanseatic City is the most cycle-friendly major city of the country. There are 720 kilometers of roadside cycle lanes here. Furthermore, there are many kilometers of cycle routes that take cyclists through parks or along dikes. Good to know: students and employees of International Graduate Center (IGC) and Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) can use rental bikes for half an hour free of charge. Only rides of more than 30 minutes per rental will be charged.

And this is how it works:

Simply register on the WK Bike website. Important: Be sure to use your "" address as your email address! Select “Hochschule Bremen” in the "Partner" field. Do not change anything in the field "Rate options" ("Choose a rate option [optional]...").

To use the service (best as an app), you need to formally top up your account with 1 euro. Within the cooperation, you can use all rental bikes that are in the WK-Bike network at these conditions.

As student, employee or lecturer of HSB (IGC), you may use the offer privately, as well as for the way to work, as often as you want.mAfter the end of the semester you have to register again as described above (provided that your personal "" email address still exists).

What does the fun cost?

Due to the cooperation of IGC and HSB with WK-Bike, the basic fee of 24 Euro per semester is waived, therefore the offer is free of charge for the first 30 min per loan (also possible several times a day).mIf you exceed 30 minutes within one ride you will be charged: per half hour or part thereof 1 euro, or a maximum of 9 euros per day (for 24 hours). If the bike has not been parked at a station or outside the specified zone, costs may also be incurred (see below).

Where can I use and return WK bikes?

There are various location to rent and return WK bikes. Three HSB location are have been arranged: 

  • At Neustadtswall opposite “Modernes” and at the corner of Neustadtswall / Langemarckstraße,

  • on Werderstraße at Fuldastraße near the HSB parking lot exit, and

  • at Flughafenallee near the motorcycle parking lot.

The WK Bike map shows the locations of available rental bikes as well as the "flex zone" and return stations. A WK-Bike

  • an be returned free of charge at the marked stations (blue on the map).

  • can be parked in the flex zone (pink) (for an extra charge of 1 Euro).

  • may only be parked within the flex zone or at a station.  

What else is possible?

Group rides: Free group bookings are possible after prior registration with WK-Bike. In return, rental bikes can be rented free of charge on a daily basis with two weeks' advance notice (max. 2 free group bookings per faculty and semester).

Cargo bikes: A total of 4 cargo bikes are available at the 3 university locations through the cooperation with WK-Bike (2 at Neustadtswall, and 1 each at Werderstraße and the airport). However, the cargo bikes must be returned to the borrowing location. Please note: Since this is hardly possible within 30 min, this may incur costs of €1 per additional 1/2 hour or part thereof, and a maximum of €9 per day.

IGC wishes you a safe trip, bike it!