Top rankings for the Hochschule Bremen

Business Administration and Industrial Engineering: Top rankings for the University of Applied Sciences Bremen in the current CHE ranking in the categories practical orientation and internationalization

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All bachelor programs of the Faculty of Economics achieve top rankings

In the current ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), the University of Bremen occupies top positions in two subjects: In business administration, it is in the category "contact to professional practice" with all eleven bachelor degree programs in the top group, and also in the category "graduation in reasonable time ", the subject of study occupies a place in the leading group. Depending on the conceptual orientation, many Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Business Administration also achieve top positions in the "International Orientation" category. In the field of industrial engineering, the reviews for "contact to professional practice" and "international orientation" also ensure a place of the associated study program in the leading group. "For the Faculty of Business and Economics, this excellent evaluation is a great success and, at the same time, the recognition of our quality initiative", explains the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Prof. Dr. med. Peter Laudi. "This enables us to make an important contribution to attracting highly qualified professionals who are urgently needed by companies and organizations."

The Rector of the University of Bremen, Prof. dr. Karin Luckey adds: "The example of the Faculty of Business and Economics shows the special profile of Bremen University of Applied Sciences." In other study programs we are at the top in the categories examined by CHE: With our strength in practical orientation, we underline our role as 'specialist forge' for the region Among other things, the annual surveys of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) prove that we are leaders in Germany in the field of internationalism.An example: around 60 percent of our students gain international experience in their studies, and 20 percent nationwide a value of 50 percent for 2020. We are already clearly exceeding this threshold. "

The results of the university ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) will be published on May 9, 2017 in the new ZEIT study guide 2017/18. Each year, one third of the subjects are re-evaluated. In 2017, these include business administration, law, social work, economics, business informatics, industrial engineering, business law and economics.

The ZEIT study guide with the current CHE university ranking is published by ZEIT Verlag. The magazine answers the most important questions around the entry into the study, helps with the decision for the right subject and the appropriate place of study and gives tips on study application and financing. The extra booklet "Wege in den Beruf" deals with career perspectives and offers tips and ideas on which criteria to choose the right profession. From May 9, 2017, the ZEIT Study Guide 2017/18 will be available for sale for EUR 8.95 or at

With the university ranking, the CHE offers prospective students information and transparency in order to find the right offer. It is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in German-speaking countries. More than 300 universities and colleges have examined the CHE. In addition to facts about study, teaching and research, the ranking includes judgments by students about the study conditions at their university. The ranking is now also available on ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE at