e-Manufacturing for German small and medium sized enterprises

Graduate of the International Graduate Center as interface between German SMEs and the Indian manufactoring base

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The International MBA at the International Graduate center in Bremen offers students the chance to receive a double degree at a partner university of the IBSA network within only one year. Hence, a semester abroad is part of the study and should be targeted to the student's major. 

Both students and faculty are international which makes the learning atmosphere very diversified and offers different perspectives on a subject. After one year of studies graduates receive the internationally recognized degree MBA.

The Indian student Padmaraj D PattanaShetti studies the International MBA program at the IGC. He works on a project called e-Manufacturing.

e-Manufacturing is a conceptual virtual off-shoring technique, where flexibility is provided for German SMEs to access the cost-efficient production facilities in India with a variety of high-tech machinery on demand at optimal costs. This technique is suitable for example for German engineering component manufacturers from several industry sectors such as automotive/aerospace, valve, furniture production, electric appliances/machinery and many more.

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Padmaraj D PattanaShetti, International Graduate Center Bremen