MBA International Tourism Management


Walid Nasreddine

Walid Nasreddine

Pricing Analyst/Distributor officer, Middle East Airlines

“Bremen was lovely! MTM program was absolutely amazing! People keep asking me what was the highlight of my trip and I honestly don’t know. I made friends-for-life to talk about, I have so many great memories to choose from and the MTM team was really awesome. 

I also came back to my homeland wiser, with a brand new frame of mind, and with broader horizons! MTM program gave me a broad grasp of the most important concepts in tourism, management, finance, strategy, culture and marketing, taught by passionate and professional experienced instructors from diverse background which help me most to keep convincing my current employer MEA airlines. 

 With MTM program “the limit is the sky” and am glad I did it…”


Katrin Uhrbrock, Germany

Katrin Uhrbrock

MTM 2010, Germany

„I can honestly say that I got much more out of the MTM program than I first expected. My wish was to obtain a master's degree in business administration. However, I did not only leave with the degree and a job but with a lot more: knowledge about other countries and cultures, interesting and fun experiences, and new and dear friends from all over the world. Classes are not restricted to the tourism sector but range from marketing or finance over to project management and cultural courses. This knowledge now helps me with my responsibilities as a Business Development Manager at Deloitte. So MTM did not lead me into the tourism industry but into a totally different area. However, I feel perfectly equipped to come up to my employer's expectations!“


Epson Kasuto

MTM 2010, Namibia

"Bremen and the IGC have given me an unforgettable experience and adventure. My stint of stay in Bremen was worth every second and moment. The IGC has a perfect environment that is able to create international workforce that is knitted to perfectly fit and live in today’s global village. The content and the style of delivery of the MTM program are well tailored to cater for the demand of present day professionals. At a personal level, the IGC / MTM created a platform to acquire, hone and harness skills and expertise that today, I can proudly implant unto my students as a lecturer at the University of Namibia and in my everyday life as a seasoned professional. Both the staff and student community of the IGC has created a lasting impression for which I am proud to have been given that opportunity to be acquainted with them up to this day. I would cherish and wish to maintain long lasting relationship with the IGC and would recommend it as a preferred institute of high learning and international kudos.“


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