Studying in Germany

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Germany is among the top 3 most popular countries for students from all over the world. In 2018, over 370,000 international students studied here, more than 13% of the total number of students in Germany. For this reason, the universities and colleges are very well prepared for international students. Studying in the heart of Europe offers much more than great opportunities in the global job market after graduation, a high level of security, and a very student-friendly visa procedure. Check out what makes Germany your country of choice for your studies:

Seven reasons to study in Germany

  • Top academic quality
  • Great career chances
  • Safe and welcoming country
  • Student-friendly visa conditions
  • Affordable and comfortable living in the center of Europe
  • Culture
  • Diverse landscape & cosmopolitan cities

Sights in Germany

View over the market square in Bremen

Great career chances

An internationally renowned degree from Germany will provide you with excellent prospects on the global labor market. With the largest economy in Europe and the 4th largest in the word, many market leaders and well-known international companies are located in Germany, who always have a high demand for qualified international professionals.

Diverse Landscapes & cosmopolitan cities

Vibrant cities with an almost unlimited amount of cultural and leisure attractions are just as attractive as the varied landscapes and beautiful historic buildings in Germany. Spending a weekend hiking in the Alps, relaxing on the beach or having a blast at the party metropolis and harbor city of Hamburg- boredom is far from anyone studying here.

Safe and welcoming

Germany is a economically and politically stable country where it is possible to move around freely during the day and at night. Germany proudly accounces itself as having a „welcoming culture“ for people from all over the world. Today 10.6 Million people, approximately 13% of the total population, come from different nations, cultures and religions. Freedom of religion and expression are among the most important assets in society. Regardless of religion, origin, gender or sexual orientation, performance and commitment are rated here - everyone has the same rights.

Top academic quality

German universities are ranked among the best in the world and are well-known for excellent teaching and research. Germany also stands for highest quality and innovative and revolutionary ideas in research and science.

Affordable and comfortable living in the center of Europe

Anyone who lives in Germany can look forward to low living costs in comparison to most neighboring countries in Europe. Also Germany's cities are among the cleanest in Europe and the whole country is equipped with excellent infrastructure, so it is easy to travel around Europe safely and comfortably.

Student-friendly visa conditions

Unlike most other European countries, foreign students can spend 18 months in Germany after completing their studies. Thus, students can fully concentrate on studying and graduating without having to worry about their visa expiring. Many students use this time to find a suitable job after graduation in one of the international companies.


Small cities and big cities alike offer a big array of cultural highlights throughout the year. These include traditional and seasonal celebrations and sporting events. Students can enjoy many of the cultural highlights for a reduced special student price.

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What new students enjoy in Germany

  • I admire the high rate of cycling and the developed transport system.“

    Female, 34 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • Apart from Germans punctuality, I admire the education and transport systems in Germany.“

    Female, 30 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • I admire the good air condition and lifestyle in Bremen, the reasonable price of commodities and the willingness of people to help. My German neighbour always shares her food with me.“

    Female, 24 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • I hope to learn more about German history and present policies.“

    Female, 24 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • I admire the efficiency and the discipline the country shows, which should serve as an example for other countries to emulate.“

    Male, 27 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • Compared with my country, Germany is well regulated and secured. The people here are law abiding.“

    Male, 28 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • The polite and gentle reception I received on arrival, has made me fall in utter admiration of Germany. "Deutschland ist sehr sehr schön".“

    Male, 27 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • I admire Germany for its environmentally friendly role by trying to use more renewable energy, and its refugee stance in comparison with other EU member states.“

    Male, 32 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies

  • Compared with my country, Germany is much more liberal, as in religious sentiments are lower. Institutions are more transparent and laws are enforced here. Germany is also better in their quality of education.“

    Male, 28 years old
    Master in Eurpean Studies