Starting your studies in fall 2020

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The upcoming semester will start as scheduled in October/November 2020
The exact starting date of the lectures will vary between the programs (please find exact start dates below). Because of the many visa delays and travel restrictions that you face, we will start the semester completely online and are planning to resume on-campus teaching in January 2021. But even if visa processes are further delayed, this will not bring any disadvantage for you.

Digital teaching formats will continue as an addition to the curriculum and you can switch to an on-campus mode at any time. Please note that the Master in Aeronautical Management offers attendance class only.

International MBA:

Monday, October 5th, 2020

Master in European Studies:

Monday, October 19th, 2020

MBA in Global Management / 

Master in Aeronautical Management:

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

MBA in European / Asian Management:

Monday, November 16th, 2020


Admission....and what to do now

You have received your offer of admission?

Now it is time to apply for a visa if you have not done so already.

The ISA-team will support you with all your questions about visa application and will keep you informed on a regular base. You can also read more about visa application here.

Easy Enrollment

We know that not all of you will make it to Bremen on time. Therefore, we offer you an online solution for enrollment. You are already in Bremen? Great, in this case you may enrol in person.


This is how your online enrollment works. Please read carefully and follow all steps:

  • Transfer your down payment in order to save your place of study. Please check your e-mail account to get detailed information on your bank transfer.
  • Accept your place of study. This is very important, even if you have made the down payment to reserve your place of study. 
  • Accept our special conditions for enrollment in times of the pandemic.
  • Please pay your semester contribution. Your semester contribution is a compulsory student contribution containing several required fee portions. You may pay by credit card or make an international bank transfer. Please follow the link to make your payment. Important: only use this link, if you have received your matriculation number (please note: your matriculation number ist not identical with your application number) 
  • Download and print your application for enrollment. Please sign this document and upload your signed copy here (section "Other documents")
  • Please note that we have reduced our tuition fees for most of our fulltime programs for this year. We offer you three options of payment:
    • Pay your tuition fee in a single payment and receive a 500 Euro discount for most of our fulltime MBA or master (or a 200 Euro discount for our International MBA program)
    • Pay in two parts
    • Pay your tuition fee on a monthly basis
  • Choose your individual payment plan. 
  • After having received your semester contribution we will produce your student ID and provide electronic access to our various systems.
  • After your arrival in 2020 or 2021 (not later than April 15th, 2021) the enrollment process will be completed (sign documents and submit your bachelor certificate or printed and certified copies).
  • Welcome at the IGC


Your question has not been answered? Please have a look at our FAQ. You can also contact your program coordinator at all times. 


MBA in Global Management

Astrid Decker
Sara Franzeck

MBA in International Tourism Management

Sara Franzeck
Dr. Mihaela Jucan

MBA in European/Asian Management

Dr. Mihaela Jucan
Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis

International MBA

Usanie Dennerlein-Mann
Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis

Master in European Studies

Deborah Mintken
Porträt Prof. Dr. Markus Louis

Master in Aeronautical Management

Prof. Dr. Markus Louis

Coming to Germany?

We are living in times of great uncertainty and we fully understand that you and your families are unsure if it is the right time to start a new educational journey in Germany.

Germany managed the pandemic much better than many countries basically because of its strong health care system, early progress on detection and an effective containment strategy. We cannot predict future developments, but we will do everything to keep students safe and make sure that you experience the high-quality education you expect.

As the worldwide Corona situation is changing almost every day, please refer to the information of the Federal Ministry of Health, which countries are currently designated as international risks areas, as well as the regulations which apply when entering Germany.

List of countries classified as risk areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further or very specific questions. 


Health insurance

Compulsory health insurance for students is a major issue in Germany. So we are very happy to inform you that you do not need a German health insurance if you study online from home during the first weeks or months. 
The German government and the statutory health insurance companies have decided to suspend the existing regulation for the online phase. 
Only after your entry to Germany you have to take out a health insurance for your studies. You will receive support and help from your ISA-team in choosing and applying for the right health insurance. For your entry to Germany you need a simple travel insurance, depending on the requirements of the respective embassy.  



View over the market square in Bremen

Social network and safety

Your social network in Bremen
We know that your educational experience very much depends on networking and interactive exchange and, therefore, we will offer you a number of online networking and social events right from the beginning.

Safety and hygiene
Be assured that we will apply the highest safety and hygiene standards to make sure that you, our students, as well as our faculty and staff are safe at all times. Our whole team is monitoring the situation in Germany and especially in Bremen very closely and appropriate decisions and measures will be taken whenever the need arises.