Financing during Corona

Always be informed about the current situation

Save up to 1,000 Euros!

We know that it is not easy to decide on an a master's program and get the financing organized. Therefore, we offer you several options to save money.


Early Bird Discount

In all our programs you can save a lot of money. Be fast and secure your place of study with your 1,000 euros down payment before May 31st, 2022 in order to receive a discount up to 500 euros.


  • 500 euros – MBA in Global Management
  • 500 euros – MBA in International Tourism Management
  • 500 euros – MBA in European/Asian Management
  • 500 euros – Master in European Studies
  • 500 euros – Master in Aeronautical Management
  • 500 euros – International MBA (single degree Logistics)
  • 250 euros – International MBA (dual degree, program start in Bremen in fall 2022)


We know that a master's program is quite an investment, especially in times like this. But there is no need to pay your tuition fee all at once. We offer you the possibility to pay in installments. Please talk to your program ccordinator about the different options or read more here. Getting the job of your dreams, having an unforgetable experience in Bremen and making friends for a life time will make it worth investing money in your master's degree. 


Save up to 500 Euro by paying your tuition fee in one sum

After having received your admission letter, we will ask you to make your first installment in order to secure your place of study. After your program has started you will be asked to pay the remaining tuition fee. If you decide to pay all at once you will get a discount on your tuition fee of 500 Euro (or 400 Euro/200 Euro for International MBA). This payment has to be made after you have started your program in fall.

  • MBA in Global Management - 500 Euro discount 
  • MBA in International Tourism Management - 500 Euro discount 
  • MBA in European/Asian Management - 500 Euro discount
  • Master in European Studies - 500 Euro discount
  • International MBA (single degree) - 400 Euro discount
  • International MBA (dual degree) - 200 Euro discount