Information for Employers

Educate, motivate and retain good employees

The part-time further education courses are not only beneficiary for the personal development of the participants, but also to their employers: paticipants can use the acquired management and leadership skills directly at their workplaces and thus improve their performance.Offering employees a high-quality further education, companies can improve their standing and become more attractive as an employer in the competition for the best minds.





  • Management-competencies

Develop the qualifications of your employees with practical managerial competence. With our degree programs, your high potential employees acquire a cross-functional understanding of all areas of a company an its position in a globalized economy.



  • Vision and Innovation

Through our study courses your junior executives develop new perspectives on problems and projects. This way you will gain employees with a better overview beyond their own areas of work and industries that are in a position to identify and implement innovative solutions.


Promotion of success-relevant competencies

  • Leadership and team ability

With our courses, you not only support the development of management and method skills of your junior executives, but also specifically strengthen the personal abilities that are relevant for taking over leadership responsibility: team behavior, communication and intercultural competence.

Willingness to high achievement

  • Motivate and bind your employeees

An internationally recognized degree is an attractive incentive for motivated and ambitious junior executives and thus represents an excellent binding tool for you company. Through extra-occupational study programs, you reward special motivation and ensure motivation and commitment of your employees.



  • Attractiveness as an employer

High-quality personnel development not only ensures competitive advantage, but is also a clear success strategy for employer branding, recruiting and site security. Companies that offer applicants an extra-occupational master's degree make their attractiveness as a workforce visible and open up new perspectives in personnel recruitment.


Business network

  • Cooperation and networking

Numerous companies have already qualified and educated their junior executives academically and practically through the IGC programs. Become part of the IGC network and explore ways of cooperating with us - for example through guest lectureships, the handling of case studies from your company or joint research projects.


Excellent in the competitive environment

  • More than 10 years of experience

The IGC has been established in academic education for more than ten years and has made a name for itself well beyond the region. Part-time study programs have always been part of our competence profile. Our MBA was first offered in 1995 in cooperation with the Leeeds Metropolitan University and successfully accredited in 2001 as one of the first part-time MBA programs in Germany. Our high quality standards in teaching, service and infrastructure distinguishes our degree programs from the competitive environment.


Proximity to the economy

  • Close link between science and industry

The IGC stands for a lively dialogue between science and industry. About half of the seminars are taught by experienced business executives, practical questions from the students' own professional environment are actively involved in presentations, projects and the master's thesis. The special link of the IGC to the economy is demonstrated by the business advisory board which accompanies the IGC and its study programs, in which renowned personalities of Bremen's business life are represented.


Highest quality standards

  • Accredited quality

As one of the leading providers of continuing education programs in Germany, the IGC combines the highest standards of international management training with the proven quality of the German higher education system. Our degree programs are regularly accredited by the accreditation agencies AQAS or ZEVA. As a next step we have set ourselves an international accreditation by the prestigious American Association AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).