Master Business Management - berufsbegleitend

Presentation and Communication

  • Communication psychology
  • Conversation techniques and presentation 

After the module you will be able to explain, analyze and evaluate relevant theories of human communication and communication psychology.

Scientific Research Methods

  • Scientific research methods in economics
  • Research-related applications in economics and business administration

After the module you will be able to use current methods of economic research in a targeted manner and apply them to data from the field of economics and business administration.

Globalization and capital markets

  • Global finance

In this module, current issues of global economic relations are analyzed. Global economic phenomena, especially in the field of "International Finance", are assessed with regard to their risks and opportunities.

Business Management

  • Corporate governance strategies
  • Strategies in human resources management

You will be shown different models of corporate governance and evaluate them together. Furthermore, the possibilities and limits of linear control models and causal attributions in corporate management are analyzed and reflected. Scope and applicability of different governance models are evaluated.

Corporate analysis

  • Annual financial statement analysis

At the end of the module you will be able to assess the wealth, financial and earnings position of companies based on the quality of the available company data in various market, industry and business situations. You can exchange views with experts and laypeople on issues of corporate valuation and present information and conclusions appropriate to the target group.

Strategic marketing

  • Assessment of corporate and market situations

After concluding the module you will be able to make decisions regarding suitable information acquisition measures in specific market situations or under specific framework conditions and assess the strategic success of marketing strategies in specific market situations.

Business formation

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development I

You evaluate different forms and implementation possibilities of starting a business and learn to abstract challenges and problems. Elements as well as contents of a business plan and concrete business field models are developed. Methods, models and concepts for business start-up and development for concrete problems and tasks from business practice or own business ideas are developed.

Strategic Management

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development II

After completion of this module you are able to understand and apply strategic management tools. You are able to evaluate the results and findings of different methods, models and instruments in the analysis and planning process of strategic management, to classify and implement cultural, social, organizational and methodical fits in an international context. You are also able to distinguish and assess international tasks and issues and develop promising strategic corporate strategies in an international context.

Financial Management and Financial Services Management

  • Corporate Finance and Financial Services I

The module presents the essential functions and instruments in the area of financial economy and financial management. Fundamental problems and decision situations in financial management and financial services management are analyzed and overall enterprise-related business solutions are developed and represented in front of the management in a group work.

Reorganization law

  • Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Recovery I

At the end of the event, the participants will be able to outline the crucial role of the law in restructuring against the background of the Bankruptcy Code and staff reorganization issues. It explains the role of the financing bank in case of reorganization and bankruptcy, as well as restructuring processes of public services. Legal problems of economic practice are analyzed and appropriate business options are planned.

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Finance and Financial Services I

After the module you will be able to outline international capital markets, initial public offerings and corporate finance issues as well as mechanisms and tools for making business decisions in this area. Subsequently, corporate finance management functions can be taken over and basic problems and decision situations can be analyzed by you.

Business Restructuring and Insolvency

  • Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Recovery II

At the end of this module you will be able to conduct analyzes of the need for reorganization, restoration and rehabilitation. You are able to make decisions regarding appropriate remedial measures in specific market situations or under specific conditions and are able to plan sanctions in a rehabilitation concept.


As part of the program, you should demonstrate by the preparation of a master thesis that you are able to handle a problem independently and professionally within a specified period of 24 weeks. The master's thesis is written in a specialized science to be chosen by you.