Curriculum MBA in Global Management

Modules per semester

Course Content

Business Analytics

  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Quantitative Methods

The module Business Analytics provides you with knowledge about how to deal with "big data" and trains necessary analysis and research skills. You will acquire the competence to integrate knowledge and deal with complexity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Business Ethics/Sustainable Development
  • Human Resources and Diversity Management

Ethics and sustainable development as well as human resources and diversity management are the subject of the module Corporate Social Responsibility. You will learn to take into account social or ethical knowledge resulting from the application of your knowledge and from past decisions.

Global Management

  • Strategic Management & Globalization
  • Organizing International & Global Business

The module Global Management will provide you with basic knowledge about global and strategic management, as well as it´s practical application. You will learn to define and interpret the specifics, boundaries, terminologies and teachings in this area.

International Financial Management

  • Global Finance
  • International Accounting

The module International Financial Management provides a basic understanding of financial management. You will acquire knowledge in order to understand the complex interconnectedness of finance and cost management in an international context.

Professional Development

  • Culture and Cross-cultural Management
  • Personal Skills Development

The module Professional Development will deepen your awareness and ability to communicate and act in an international and intercultural environment. You will be given the opportunity to exchange experiences with laypersons and laymen from different cultural contexts and to convey this application-related knowledge.

Global Economics

  • Trade Theory & Policy
  • International Capital Markets and Exchange Rates

The module Global Economics is devoted to imparting knowledge of real and monetary foreign economic theory and policy. The students acquire a critical understanding of global economic inter-relations on the current state of knowledge.

International Legal & Tax Framework

  • International Business Law
  • International Taxation Systems

The module International Legal & Tax Framework focusses on the area of ​​law (contract, company, labor law) and provides knowledge about tax systems and tax aspects in internationally operating companies, which can be applied by you in an application and/or research-oriented way.

Logistics and Sustainable Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics & Operations Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain

As outcome of this module you will be able to make decisions about adequate solutions for logistics problems, implement a global supply chain for a company and manage it. And Outline energy consuming activities and potential sources of emissions from transport and Identify measures, asses sustainability and suggest responsible logistic Compose strategies towards sustainable development of supply chains.


Project and Quality Management

  • Projects in International Business
  • Process and Quality Management

In the Project and Quality Management module, case studies provide an introduction to international project, process and quality management. You will gain the competence to use your knowledge and your ability to solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations.



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Risk Management
  • Digital Transformation: Blockchain & Social Media
  • Leadership

In the Elective you may choose a specialist area from the IGC's offers, in which you acquire a detailed and critical understanding of the latest state of knowledge.


Master Thesis Seminar

The master thesis seminar prepares you for the master thesis, including the standards of scientific work, the function of a master thesis in the program context, methods for searching literature and the rules for the prevention of plagiarism.


Master Thesis

During the master thesis seminar you will have to deal intensively with a research or case study project and put this down in the form of a scientific work in writing.