Master in Aeronautical Management

Specialized knowledge of management in the aviation industry

Course Content

International Law/Airlaw

In International Law/Airlaw we deal with the interpretation and application of national, supranational and international law (basics and methods) with regard to aviation and airlaw.

Air Transport Business Administration

Air Transport Business Administration deals with global air transport businesses and markets and international logistics. Additionally, students participate in practical trainings to prepare them to make an own economical decisions.

Human Factors in Leadership

Human Factors in Leadership aims to impart knowledge and methods in order to enable  independent orientation in dynamic systems with variable regulations. Students will develop interdisciplinary problem solving strategies and will be able to adapt these in the field of engineering and aeronautical management.

Management Systems

Management Systems will enable students to operate in a leading position under consideration of the actual challenge of the market.

Risk Management in Airline Operation

Risk Management in Airline Operation introduces general principles of risk management and has a particular focus on the main risk areas in aviation. Topics like the human factor and the man-machine-interface are included.

Simulation of Logistic Aviation System

Simulation of Logistic Aviation System is based on the principles of aviation management and covers the understanding and application of the interdependency between the various parties in aviation industry. Our students will understand the role and connectivity of aircraft producers, airlines, air traffic systems, airports and legal authorities.


Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and Simulation consists of a theoretical and a practical component: the introduction to simulation and simulators is basis for further trainings. In the practical part the students are required to build an aircraft simulation model.


Master Thesis

In the master thesis students have to deal intensively with a research project or case study and put it in writing in the form of a scientific paper.