Focus: International Marketing

Deepen your expertise in Valencia

As a student of the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program with a specialization in International Marketing, you will take the core modules at the IGC in Bremen. In the second semester, you will build on your marketing knowledge at the University of València in Spain. The study program at the University’s Faculty of Economics considers theoretical aspects of  contemporary issues from a global perspective, and applies strategic marketing and management techniques in practice. In addition, your learning process will be supplemented with diverse teaching methods including but not limited to discussion rounds, group project phases and visits to companies of strategic importance.

Your benefits

  • ANECA accredited marketing studies
  • EFMD-accredited MBA program
  • 1 year, 2 degrees, 2 countries: MBA & Master
  • An international network
  • International Student Assistance (ISA)
  • Free German language course (optional)
  • Develop intercultural competencies


  • Bachelor’s degree in business (210 ECTS)
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience after first degree
  • High English proficiency (IELTS 6.5 points or TOEFL iBT min. 90)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Funding for tuition fees and living costs
  • All documents must be in English

Key Facts - MBA

Degree icon
Dual Degree
Dual Degree - MBA/MBA or MSC

Upon completion of this postgraduate management degree, you will earn your Master’s in Business Administration. The title of MBA is internationally renowned in business and stands for hands-on management education and leadership training. You will also earn a second MBA degree from the Universitat de València.

Language icon
Language - English

As the language of education is English, very good English knowledge is required. Please be advised that while it is possible to complete your degree without any German language knowledge, most local jobs will require German skills. For this reason, if you plan to work in Germany following your studies, we recommend that you take advantage of our free German courses.

Calendar icon
Start - October

The program begins in the winter semester. The introductory events and courses start at the beginning of October and run until the end of January. The summer semester begins after a short break in February. Starting in mid June, you can use the lecture-free period to work on your master’s thesis.

Duration & Type
3 semesters / full-time
Duration & Type - 3 semesters / full-time

Depending on your educational qualifications, you can complete your studies in two or three semesters as a full-time student. For the first option (Fast Track) you need a bachelor's degree with 240 ECTS credits; for the second option (three semesters) you need a bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS credits.

Accreditation icon
Accreditation - EFMD, AQAS

Accreditation of our degree programs is very important to us. For this reason, we regularly have our programs reviewed for quality by independent external agencies. The International MBA is EFMD-accredited as well as accredited by the agency AQAS. Since 2002, this agency has accredited most of the study programs at public universities in Germany.

Class icon
Group size
About 25 students
Group size - About 25 students

Our classes take place in small groups of about 25 students. This gives you the opportunity to maintain close contact with teachers and lecturers and facilitates cooperation and intercultural exchange among fellow-students.

Tuition icon
Tuition fee
16,000 Euro
Tuition fee - 16,000 Euro

The tuition fee is around 16,000 euros for the entire course, depending on the destination of your first semester. There is also an additional semester fee of roughly 350 euros per semester (as of 09/2022). The semester fee covers your student ticket that entitles you to free public transportation in Bremen, as well as to Lower Saxony and Hamburg. To learn more about financing your studies or arranging a personalized payment plan, see the menu item Support.

Deadline icon
Application deadline
August 31, 2022
Application deadline - August 31, 2022

Application deadline: March 31, 2023. We might offer two additional application rounds: May 31, August 31. Please note that admission will be granted on a rolling basis, so please apply early. We look forward to receiving your application.

Semester overview

Business Analytics

This module aims to introduce students to business analytics concepts required to understand contemporary business challenges. Analytical techniques will be applied to assess and resolve some of the complex challenges faced by business professionals in global industries.



You will gain skill and confidence in developing strong marketing plans for global business. The course addresses marketing performance in a global context; assesses differences in country environments; and applies techniques for international market segmentation, entry strategies, risk analysis, and comprehensive marketing plans


In this core module, students understand strategic business planning: This module introduces students to global business challenges and the methods used to address them, through careful review of effective managerial techniques, in order to ensure a winning international business strategy.


Students investigate critical human resource management (HRM) topics within this module. The aim is to examine relevant elements of HRM as they relate to global business, organizational policies, and standard management practices.

Multinational Financial Management

The goal of the course is to train highly effective global managers who have advanced analytical and decision-making skills essential for conducting successful business across borders.


International Leadership (elective)

The main objective of the module Leadership is to give the course participants a general leadership overview, to explore their individual leadership styles and set feasible goals for developing their management skills.

Integrated Marketing Communications

This module focuses on the business principles, key theories, as well as principles and practices of marketing communications. In this course you will become acquainted with the individual processes of a successfully integrated communication concept. Afterwards, you will use this knowledge to optimally adapt the positioning and character of a brand to uniform communication. These include international advertising methods, promotions, planning and evaluation phases of marketing campaigns.

International Distribution and Logistics

This module examines the most important distribution and logistics guidelines of global competition. These include the design and management of distribution channels and aspects such as cultural diversity, logistics infrastructure, means of transport and consumer demand in the context of the entire value chain. You will learn to identify significant organizational structures of stakeholders and to analyze their strategies.

Service Marketing and Management

Marketing managers ensure the proximity of customers to the company. The focus is always on the customer satisfaction. In this module, you will get immersed in the area of service marketing and become familiar with both theoretical foundations and practical applications of service-based marketing strategies and business models. Other topics of the module will include customer understanding, service delivery, demand and capacity management.

International Marketing Research

The increasing globalization of the business world expands the relevance of international market research. With this in mind, this module has been designed to look into conducting market studies in an international context. Here you will examine the individual phases of the process: preparation, data research, questionnaire design, sampling, data analysis and comprehensive presentation of the results.

Studying at the University of Valencia

Founded more than 500 years ago, the University of València (UV) is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Spain. The UV, known for its tradition and historical flair, has developed into a modern university that trains skilled specialists at a European level. This has been achieved, among other things, through comprehensive counseling and high-quality academic teaching. In addition, the Science Park is home to six research centers and over seventy companies. The Facultat d'Economia, the University’s Faculty of Economics, is acclaimed for its international research activities and strong business network. With its proximity to the sea and its mild climate, Valencia guarantees a unique study experience and a breathtaking learning environment.

Program Coordinator Contact

We offer you the world with two business degrees. Within the alliance, international students not only improve their team-work skills on a continuous basis but each student is also provided with a unique individual support suitable for his/her needs.

Prof. Dr. Frank Giesa
Prof. Dr. Frank Giesa
Program Director

Our International Student Assistance (ISA) assists you in different aspects of settling in: finding accommodation, handling visa applications, clarifing insurance queries and dealing with authorities both at home and abroad. This service is of course free of charge. Furthermore ISA regularly organizes excursions and events during your study in Bremen. They offer movie nights, sightseeing trips, a christmas party, BBQ and excursions to several cities.

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