International MBA - Focus International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Study in Bremen – a thriving logistics hub in Northern Germany

After your core studies (first semester) at one of the five partner universities within our network, you can specialize in International Logistics & Supply Chain Management at the IGC in Bremen. Not only will you graduate as an logistics expert, but you will also benefit from our diverse student body by developing essential intercultural competencies. During your specialization at IGC, you will learn how to create, analyze and control logistics networks and gain an understanding of the individual processes. Due to its proximity to the sea, the University is able to offer a special module with a focus on maritime transport and the logistics industry. IGC's versatile educational methods include excursions, business simulation games and guest lectures - creating an ideal learning environment.

Your benefits

  • AQAS accredited program
  • Study in a leading logistics hub
  • 2 countries, 2 degrees: MBA & MBA / Master
  • Develop intercultural competencies


  • Bachelor’s degree in business
  • Minimum of one year work experience
  • Proof of English language proficiency: IELTS (6.5 points) or TOEFL iBT (at least 80 points)
  • A global mindset

Semester overview

Multinational Financial Management

The goal of the course is to train highly effective global managers who have advanced analytical and decision-making skills essential for conducting successful business across borders.


Global Strategic Analysis

This module introduces you to challenges of global business and methods used to address them. Through a careful review of effective managerial practices, it demonstrates how to ensure a winning international business strategy.

Global Marketing Strategies

The course adresses marketing performance in a global context. It assesses differences in country environments and applies techniques for international market segmentation, entry strategies, risk analysis, and comprehensive marketing plans.


Human Resource Management in the Global Environment

You will investigate critical human resource management (HRM) topics within this module. The aim is to examine relevant elements of HRM as they relate to global business, organizational policies and standard management practices.

Business Analytics

This module aims to introduce students to business analytics concepts required to understand contemporary business challenges. Analytical techniques will be applied to assess and resolve some of the complex challenges faced by business professionals in global industries.


International Leadership (elective)

The main objective of the module Leadership is to give the course participants a general leadership overview, to explore their individual leadership styles and set feasible goals for developing their management skills.

Logistics Networks

This module is dedicated to logistics network design from procurement of raw materials to all tiers of production to reaching to the customer. After discussing objectives and decisions, key design options will be presented. You will be familiarized with modeling and solving logistics problems using off-the shelf optimization software. Site selection will be discussed in depth as one of the key factors in network design. Lectures, teamwork and independent study phases will support your learning process. You will graduate this module with expanded knowledge about supplychain management.

International Transport

This module provides a general overview of fundamentals of international trade and conveys in-depth knowledge about components and characteristics of international transport systems. Aspects of design and optimization of transport operations in international networks and supply chains are essential parts of the course content. A review of actors and regulations of international transport operations completes the module.

International Sourcing and Procurement Logistics

You will learn about the challenges of sourcing and procurement logistics in the global business environment. Most common issues in business practices will be discussed in this course, as well as strategies, methods and tools for solving practical problems in international business. The module will contribute to an in-depth understanding of strategies and processes of int. sourcing and logistics in global business. As part of this module, an integrated framework for supply management will be developed.



International Maritime Transport

International maritime transport is the backbone of globalization. For this reason, this
module will deliver you an overview of the basic elements of international maritime transport; it will focus on the major shipping markets as well as on factors influencing it, such as the regulatory environment. As the shipping industry is one of the most globalized ones, issues of corporate responsibility will be of special importance.

Project Management

The purpose of this course is to help you to develop your project management skills by focusing on the issues in this field. The value of this is that today's organizations constantly outperform themselves in project management, becoming more and more competitive, thus creating the need for professionals in this field to understand and apply basic principles of project management in their career.

International Leadership (elective)

The main objective of the module Leadership is to give you general leadership overview, to explore your individual leadership styles and set feasible goals for developing your management skills.

Master thesis

Your third term is dedicated to your thesis dissertation. This period is typically completed at the same university where you attended your specialization. To provide guidance and assistance as you prepare to work through this complicated project, each university offers a thorough, interactive three-day workshop that presents the requisite research skills, covering analytical, research and methodological techniques for your master’s thesis. The other main source of support will come from your thesis advisor. You will secure a supervisor who will guide the construction of the master’s thesis; normally, choosing one of your university lecturers is the best and easiest option. This final project will count for 30 ECTS in your overall program credit total. We also suggest that IBSA students also consider an alternative approach to the standard route: it is always possible to write your master’s thesis in cooperation with a company. This will require identifying and contacting a potential target company and developing a customized agreement with them in order to complete your thesis project accordingly.

By completing this detailed research and writing work, you will delve deeper into your specialization area from the second semester, learn to cultivate critical reasoning skills, develop a scientific approach to empirical data, and develop skills in literature review based on investigative reasoning (examination of a hypothesis).

Studying at the International Graduate Center, Bremen

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is one of Germany’s leading logistics hubs. This makes IGC the ideal location for a specialization in the field of logistics. As part of Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences, the IGC is renowned for providing outstanding education in a practice-oriented learning environment. IGC's diverse student community will help you broaden your cross-cultural communication skills. Multiple company visits within the study program will offer you the opportunity to meet leading experts from Bremen based companies such as Airbus, Mondelez, AB InBev and BLG Logistics. Along with being student-friendly, the northern German city of Bremen will captivate you with its fairytale charm, relaxed atmosphere and its bustling new and old town. Other advantages of studying at the IGC are its well-known non-academic support services, such as accommodation search and visa application assistance.

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Contact - Program Coordinator

We offer you the world with two business degrees. Within the alliance, international students not only improve their team-work skills on a continuous basis but each student is also provided with a unique indivudual support suitabe for his/her needs.

Prof. Dr. Frank Giesa
Prof. Dr. Frank Giesa
Program Director

International Student Assistance

Our International Student Assistance (ISA) assists you in different aspects of settling in: finding accommodation, handling visa applications, clarifing insurance queries and dealing with authorities both at home and abroad. This service is of course free of charge. Furthermore ISA regularly organizes excursions and events during your study in Bremen. They offer movie nights, sightseeing trips, a christmas party, BBQ and excursions to several cities.