MBA in European/Asian Management

Full-time MBA program tailored for engineers, 100% in English

The program is designed to mold top talents for leadership positions in Europe and Asia. It addresses especially young professionals with a first degree in engineering, social or natural sciences and at least one year of professional work experience.

The richness of the program is based on the unique concept of combining a foundation in the core business disciplines with a focus on either European or Asian business. The curriculum comprises six core modules that will provide you with a general management perspective on business functions and how they can be integrated with a rapidly changing global economy, and two modules in the area specialization “Europe” or “Asia”. Additionally, two elective modules will give you the opportunity to tailor the program to your individual career objectives or organizational interests prior to the final Master Thesis. The program is accompanied by company visits, guest lectures, career counseling and personal mentoring.

Key Facts - MBA in European/Asian Management

Program duration: Two semesters plus master thesis and oral defense
Structure: Full-time program
Program start: October
Language of instruction: English
Tuition fee: 12,900 Euro for the program plus 350 Euro/semester, incl. free usage of public transportation in and around Bremen and Lower Saxony
Class size: small group of students
Optional field trips: Luxembourg, Germany (Berlin)
Degree title: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Application deadline: March 31, 2019

Target group - MBA in European/Asian Management

The program addresses persons interested to study international business from a European or Asian perspective who hold a first degree, in engineering, social or natural sciences and at least one year of professional work experience. It will enable participants to fulfil management functions in an international context.

Since the program is primarily for persons with no educational background in management sciences, teaching aims to equip students with fundamental management skills and methods as well as social competencies. It thus qualifies them for further career steps on higher management levels at the interface between their home country and European or Asian markets.

Admission - MBA in European/Asian Management

For application we require the following qualification and documentation:

  • Bachelor degree / primarily non-economic/non-business-related (official transcript of previous degree)
  • One year of post-graduate work experience (proof of work experience/employer´s certificate required)
  • Proof of English proficiency with TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign Language) 80 IBT (“Internet-based”) points or IELTS (International Language Testing System) 6,5 Points
  • Curriculum vitae
  • An essay demonstrating the student´s strong motivation for the program and dedication to an international business career
  • Passport photograph
  • Copies of either birth certificate or passport

 Here you can find the online application.

Course Structure - MBA in European/Asian Management








(1) Business Environment

- Culture and Cross-cultural Management

- Communication & Presentation

(6) International Business Law and Taxation

- International Business Law

- International Taxation


Master Thesis

(2) People and Management

- Business Ethics / Sustainable Development

- Human Resources and Diversity Management

(7) International Project Management

Master Thesis

(3) Finance and Accounting

- Global Finance

- International Accounting

(8) Area Specialization II

Focus Asia or Europe

Master Thesis

(4) Global Business Knowledge

- Business Analytics

- Strategic Management

- Business Economics

(9) Topical Specialization I, e.g.

- Global Business Logistics

- Strategic Management and Leadership

- Managing Innovation and Risk

Master Thesis

(5) Area Specialization I

Focus Asia or Europe

(10) Topical specialization II, e.g.

- Global Business Logistics

- Strategic Management and Leadership

- Managing Innovation and Risk

Master Thesis

Course Content - MBA in European/Asian Management

Module 1, International Communication Skills, aims to equip students with a deepened understanding of the importance of culture and trains students’ cross-cultural competences. Students are further introduced to communication and presentation techniques essential in today’s business.

Module 2, People and Management, deals with differences in work behavior determined by culture, explains how business decisions are influenced by the culture of a respective country, and enables students to develop their understanding of key issues of managing human resources in a global context.

Module 3, Finance and Accounting, addresses financial markets, trade financing, financial control of multinational companies, assessment of investments and risks, capital costs and risks in foreign trade, and is concerned with modern controlling concepts and instruments.

Module 4, Global Business Knowledge, provides learners with a deepened knowledge of internationalization strategies of companies, concepts and instruments of strategic management, and a systematic knowledge in marketing research methods in a global context.

Module 5, Area Specialization I, depending on the chosen focus (Asia or Europe), the module provides an introduction to the economic, political and social conditions of doing business in Asia  or Europe.

Module 6, International Business Law and Taxation, introduces basic principles of international business law and addresses the purpose, kinds, regulation and use of taxation in international business.

Module 7, International Project Management, addresses fundamental principles of Project Management, its possible fields of application and its relevance for process optimization of a global value chain.

Module 8, Area Specialization II, is taught to the students based on module 5 and, depending on the focus choice, offers an understanding of the Asian or European economic and business fundamentals.

In modules 9, Topical Specialization I, and 10, Topical Specialization II, students can choose a topical specialization. Currently three topics are offered: International Tourism Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship. Depending on students’ interests more options can be offered from the Master portfolio of the School of International Business.

The Master Thesis Seminar introduces students to academic writing and prepares them specifically for the Master Thesis. It covers the standards in preparing scientific papers, the function of a master thesis, possible cooperation with companies, methods for literature search, and the rules of plagiarism.

In the Master Thesis students have to deal intensively with a research project or case study and put it in writing in the form of a scientific paper.

Students can attend an optional 22-week internship (also in combination with the master thesis) after the completion of the first 10 modules. If it is a professionally relevant internship and includes a written scientific internship report (15-20 pages), students can obtain 30 ECTS credits.

Perspectives - MBA in European/Asian Management

Our MBA Program in European / Asian Management helps you contribute to change and development in your home country and the world by offering:

Business expertise

Based on highest scholarly standards, we deliver an European/Asian-focused management education combining the latest managerial thoughts with practice.

In addition to enhancing your management expertise we provide you with a profound understanding of doing business in Europe and Asia.

International Networking

Small classes give you the opportunity to interact closely with renowned professors and business professionals, as well as with a cosmopolitan student body.

We lead you to networking opportunities and open your mind for new global perspectives – all with the goal of preparing you for leadership positions.

Quality and success

In a unique friendly atmosphere you receive individual attention from our dedicated staff while at the same time being challenged to perform to your full potential.

We help you create knowledge economy that promotes growth and diversification.

Contact & Application - MBA in European/Asian Management

For personal advice please contact Ms. Dr. Mihaela Jucan.

There are only three main steps towards an enrollment at IGC. Please contact the following page for further details. For questions about the application procedure, please contact the admission office. To apply please use our online application.


Suresh Lakshmanan, Project Leader - Sales for BMW, ALPS Electric GmbH

“This programme provides an opportunity to many non-management, but technical professional like me, to learn about international business and understand specifically about people and cross-culture management. The modules are designed in an unique way to integrate the principles and techniques of management in European and Asian market.

As an Indian, the most interesting aspect for me in this programme, is to study the specialized market (in my case, China) in the presence of international orientation. It is a good conduit for me to utilize this programme as a platform to share the knowledge and gain experiences with the vintage professionals from various industries”.




Amrita Sharan, UNESCO Paris, Risk management for partnership with the private sector

“Time flies by when you’ve chosen the right fit for you- that is exactly what IGC has been for me. My time here was a big learning curve in my professional career. The intense modules equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to take the next step as a corporate professional.  Guided and supported by all the professors, the staff at IGC and my classmates the past year has flown by. Looking back I can now say that my time at IGC helped me take my professional journey to the next level and I am more excited and optimistic than ever before about what the future has in store for me. I will always remember all that I have learned and cherish the acquaintances I made, the friendships that blossomed and all the wonderful times I got to spend living in Bremen”.





 Nishant Sinha, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Bremen

“Very interesting course, definitely knowledge to be used in the real world!” For me, studying in the  MBA in European/Asian Management was the best decision in my life. During the time in the IGC I have met people from all over the world, learned different cultures and shared great moments. I believe that the lecturers we had were not just fully qualified, but often expert consultants and very experienced in their respective fields. The strong focus on case studies provided me with valuable references on best practices around the world, and the highly interactive and dynamic nature of classes offered excellent opportunities to extend my personal network. Apart from studies, IGC encouraged and provides me with a good platform and opportunities to get involved in various extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, the many company visits we had offered me a deep insight and practical knowledge and understandings of Business Management.

Student Voices - Video

Program Brochure

MBA in European/Asian Management

Program Coordinator

Dr. Mihaela Jucan
Tel.: +49 421 5905-4775
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Course Director

Prof. Dr. Tim Goydke

"This Master of Business Administration Program prepares you for senior management and leadership positions at the interface between Europe and the prospering Asian markets. Our program will help you to pave the way for a rewarding career and personal fulfillment. If you are up to the challenge, I invite you to apply for our MBA program".