The world is globalizing and we are in the middle of it! This fact requires a changing profile of management skills. Our MBA course aims to provide the opportunity to junior managers to gain specific competences which are essential for successful global business today. We congratulate you for taking the opportunity and the challenge of learning together with people who share the same values although coming from different backgrounds. At the end of your studies you will feel more confident and prepared to face the challenges of a multinational business environment around the globe. The choice you make today will make a difference to your future.

Key facts MBA in Global Management

Program duration: 3 semesters, fast-track option 2 semesters possible
Structure: Full-time program
Start of program: October
Language of instruction: English
Tuition fee: 12,900 Euro (plus semester fee of currently 350 Euro)
Class size: small group of students
Field trips: Greece (Athens), UK (Glasgow), Luxembourg, Germany (Berlin)
Degree: MBA
Application deadline: March 31, 2019

Program - MBA in Global Management

The Master in Global Management is a three-semester full-time specialist MBA. The program is characterized by a highly qualified teaching staff, an inspiring international and diverse student body, a faculty which offers a unique environment for intellectual exchange, joint research combined with academic excellence, practical orientation and an optional internship. Read more.

Target Group - MBA in Global Management

The MBA course Master in Global Management endeavours to offer junior managers the opportunity to obtain specific competencies required for successful global business today. The aim is to provide management skills as well as thought-provoking experiences focused on global business. This is an essential requirement for students interested in a career in either government, international organisations or business enterprises. The course puts students at an advantage when it comes to leadership excellence.


The MBA in Global Management-program aims to provide management skills as well as mindexpanding experiences focused on global business. This is an essential need for students interested to pursue their career in either government, international organisations and business enterprises. Thus the course gives students an edge when it comes to leadership excellence.


The MBA in Global Management-program is completed with the Master`s Examination which is taken after two semesters. Students are required to write their Master`s Thesis at the end of the second semester when all modules have been covered in full. The thesis has to be defended in an oral exam. In case a student does an internship after the second semester the oral exam takes place after the third semester. The overall grade incorporates the results obtained from exams during the course and the evaluation of the Master's Thesis. Upon successful completion of the course students are awarded the degree of "Master of Business Administration.

Lectures - MBA in Global Management

Our MBA in Global Management program is performed by highly qualified professors from various disciplines of Bremen University of Applied Sciences and by renowned professors from partner universities all over the world. The program is further enriched by the involvement and participation of experienced external lecturers from the private sector in seminars and workshops.

Lecturers of the MBA in Global Management

Prof. Dr. Tim Goydke

Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Helga Meyer

Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Peter Schmidt

Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Christian Schuchardt

Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow

Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Mihaela Jucan

Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Vera Kuenzer

Center for Intercultural Management and Diversity, Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Kathrin Nissel

Center for Intercultural Management and Diversity, Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Lothar Aldinger

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, DHBW

Prof. Dr. Alex deRuyter

Birmingham City University (UK)

Dr. Victoria Erosa

Business and Talent Development Consultant (Mexico)

John Foster

Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

Julia Gehri

Director Deloitte & Touche GmbH, Stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Martina Gonzàlez-Gallarza Granizo

University of Valencia (Spain)

Jens Groth

Technical Director, DD Die Denkfabrik GmbH

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Chavez Lima

Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)

Michael Schöttl

Former Director Private Banking, Deutsche Bank AG

Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Werner Voigt

Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, UPAEP (Mexico)

Admission - MBA in Global Management

  • An academic, business-related degree (bachelor)
  • One year of post graduate professional experience
  • Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL 78 IB; IELTS 6,0; CEF B.2

Contact & Application - MBA in Global Management

For personal advice please contact Mrs. Regine Hink.

There are only three main steps towards an enrollment at IGC. Please see the following process chart for further details. For questions about the application procedure, please contact the admission office.

Alumni of MBA in Global Management

Bahaar Rizvi, India:

"The MBA in Global Management program gives equal credence to all matters related to an international corporate environment. Whether it's Logistics, Marketing, Finance, Tax, Law or HR, there is something for everyone.  This particular aspect is very enriching for a student who would like to work in a global environment. The professors are highly experienced and can definitely guide the student in the right direction. If I give my example, I already had some experience in the field of Tax however, through the program I learnt some other aspects of International Taxation (e.g. Transfer Pricing and Permanent Establishment), which I not only applied towards my Master Thesis but also towards my job search. This yielded incredible results because I was able to secure a much desired tax related role immediately after completing the MBA. Overall, I can say that acquiring this MBA has been very beneficial to me and I would like to thank IGC for it."

Olsa Rumbullaku,

"The MBA in Global Management-program enabled me to start an international career. In our program the professors came from different countries and industries. The team-work during the course developed my communication skills and I learned a lot about cultural differences from my class mates. Through this Master program I found the job which I always dreamed of. Now I work for an international company in the automotive industry.”

Guido Schwartz,

"The MBA in Global Management provides a modern management education in an international environment. Students gain cross-cultural competence in multinational teams in Germany, thus building up sustainable management capabilities. This is a perfect preparation to act successfully in different arrears of today’s international business life. Now I work for an international company in the aviation industry.”

Thunlawan Likithatamanit,

"I chose the "Master in Global Management" for its renowned reputation. It was an exceptional multicultural experience."

Rabi Royappa Williams,

"Students from all over the world work together and learn to cooperate and optimise solutions. Here I realised that global management and its intercultural awareness did not only improve my business performance, but was an invaluable enrichment of my life. I learnt how to conduct business in an unknown environment with partners from many different countries and cultures and I now feel that I am prepared and able to do my best as part of a multinational team around on the globe."

Pascaline Dubray,

"The course work in the MBA in Global Management-program requires the willingness and ability to understand that your views and approaches cannot claim to be universal. Case-study discussions teach you that there is a need for differentiation."

Nuria Rodriguez Macho,

"During the lectures we were able to communicate with each other because the MBA in Global Management-program is ruled by limiting the class-sizes. There are twenty to thirty students in one group. Nobody remains anonymous or can avoid co-operating and personal involvement. We got to know each other very quickly. It simply happened in this atmosphere."

Carol Beigneux,

"I like the teaching methods employed by the program. They were both serious and playful, team-work and individual assignments, presentations and defence of elaborated positions, joint research, open discourse, case-study analysis, and brainstorming. I did not miss anything. Learning is neither boring nor torturing - it is enjoyable to learn with people who all share the same attitude."

Daniel Herce Galan,

"If you need support and assistance there is an organisation called ISA (International Students Association of BUAS). Their obligations and efforts do not only start after your arrival but also prepare you by giving you general information and individual correspondence in advance. I never felt lost because of the availability of the ISA-tutors."

Jing He,

"The campus is like the world's melting pot. Therefore learning does not only take place in class, it happens everywhere. You cannot avoid learning and having new experiences every moment even if you are not the curious type."

Jan Konturis,

"The best thing about studying here is being able to see the world from a close perspective. My fellow students, professors and the caring staff constituted a multicultural cosmopolitan environment. The diversity in its approach to learning provides the best support for a global management function."

Program Brochure

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