Graduation Ceremony 2020

17th September & 18th September 2020 at the International Graduate Center

Congratulations! An eventful time lies behind you. In the past few years you have learned a lot at the IGC, developed yourself further, made new friends and qualified yourself for upcoming challenges in your professional life. You have also mastered one or the other stressful and exhausting phase well and we are therefore very pleased to solemnly say goodbye to all graduates of the nine masters programs at the IGC. The graduation ceremony will take place this year at the event hall of the International Graduate Center. The ceremony concludes with the hat-throwing tradition as a sign of the newly acquired academic titles. As a reminder of this joyful moment, professional photos are taken that will remain, even if some graduates go out into the world afterwards. We are happy to have accompanied you on your way and to celebrate this joyful day with you.


The most important things at a glance

  • All graduates, who would like to participate in the graduation ceremony, please register for the celebration by August 16th, 2020 via our online registration form below and reserve your gown there as well. The gown is provided to you free of charge by the IGC.
  • Due to social distancing rules, we cannot have one big ceremony for all study programs this year. Instead, we offer you a small ceremony for groups of max. 24 people. Here you will find the current list with the group allocation and the assigned times: 
    Graduation 2020 Time Slots
  • Guest tickets: Due to the limited number of participants at the ceremony, we will start by registering the students in the first step. When the first step is completed, we will inform you on how to register your guests.
  • All graduates and guests are cordially invited by the IGC after the ceremony to the sparkling wine reception outside behind the building.
  • Please pay close attention to and abide by the hygiene and safety rules that we communicate to you. Only because of these regulations, we are able to host the celebration for you in the first place.

Safety and hygiene

Important health and hygiene information:

  • If you or your guests travel to Germany from abroad for the celebration, please check if the countries you have come from are considered risk areas by the Robert-Koch-Institute. If so, you or your guest will need to go into quarantine for 14 days before being allowed to participate in the graduation event. Here you will find an updated list of risk areas: (the list is being updated every other day, so please check it regularly).
  • Please, make sure to keep your distance of at least 1,5 meters to all other people before, throughout and after the celebration. Please, avoid standing in groups.
  • Sorry, but hand-shaking and hugging will not be allowed.
  • Please, wear a mask when arriving at the IGC, waiting in line and when you move around in the building.
  • Please, also note the detailed hygiene rules of the IGC that will soon be published on this website.

Registration and Gown

Please sign up using the registration form and enter your contact details. Due to the current safety regulations, we are obliged to keep this data for a certain period of time.

  • In step 1, sign up and fill in your personal data.
  • In step 2, please select the right size of your gown. It is is provided to you free of charge for the day. Please make sure to return the gown to the IGC after the sparkling wine reception.

Graduation registration

Step 1: Registration
Step 2: Reserve your gown
Please select a size for your gown. You will receive your gown on the day of the graduation at the cloakroom on site.


Cap throwing by graduates in Germany

Location: International Graduate Center of Hochschule Bremen

This year we will celebrate your graudation in the event hall of the International Graduate Center of Hochschule Bremen. The  IGC is located in the Langemarckstr. 113, 28199  Bremen, very central in the area of Neustadt. If possible please use public transportation or your bicycle to get to the IGC, as there will be no parking lot availabe. You may park your car in the neighbourhood, for example in the streets Neustadtswall, Neustadtscontrescape or Hohentorsheerstraße.

International Graduate Center Bremen Impressions

Gebäude in der Langemarckstraße, Bremen

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