Why IGC?

Many years of experience in MBAs and Masters, a committed international profile and a high demand for quality and practical content are only a few arguments for postgraduate study at IGC. There are many other reasons.

Take a look yourself...

1. Tolerance and Respect in the Context of Diversity

Recognizing the value of different cultural affiliations, religious beliefs, professional experiences, educational backgrounds, intellectual point of views and genders, we embrace the diversity of our school as a driving force for the mutual respect that guides our interactions. We are deeply committed to an open-minded and respectful approach to people and their ideas as a fundamental component of the academic discourse.

2. Focus on People

Every student is important to us. Our teaching is student-centered and takes into account the various backgrounds of our diverse student body comprising of over 40 nations. We provide comprehensive services and support in academic, administrative and practical matters. For our alumni, we always stay a harbor to return home to.

3. Ambassadors of Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In the spirit of the European tradition of values, we serve as ambassadors of sustainability and social responsibility, encouraging our students, colleagues, suppliers and sponsors to join us in our commitment. We promote the idea of a participative and value-based community, in which profit-making is not an end in itself, but provides a direct link to social responsibility and the common good.

4. Place of Inspiration

As an academic institution we see ourselves obliged to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and ideas. We foster curiosity and creativity in our students, encouraging them to exploit their ideas and build on their opportunities. Our students, professors, and business practitioners form an active academic community which is a source of inspiration for our partners in business and higher education.

5. Practise & Teaching

  • Lessons in practice-orientated groups with lecturers from renowned national and international businesses
  • Internships and final papers in cooperation with the economy

6. Strengthening the Region

  • Strengthening Bremen as a business location by ensuring the highest-level of up-and-coming managers
  • Center for Lifelong Learning for management in diverse sectors


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