Accreditation and quality assurance

Quality management at the International Graduate Center

As the International Graduate Center of the University of Bremen we are committed to a high-quality standard. All our courses are accredited by recognized agencies. Our programs are checked by ZEvA and AQAS and regularly reaccredited.  In addition, the IGC is a member of the Business Education Alliance of the AACSB , one of the most respected international accreditation agencies for business schools. Our MBA and Master programs are continually being developed and improved. The IGC has received awards for our innovative and practice-oriented teaching concept and has been honored by the German Rectors' Conference. 

Accreditation procedure

According to the Bremen University Law (BremHG), every bachelor and master's degree course must undergo a qualitative evaluation by an independent and science-oriented accreditation agency. It is important to distinguish between program accreditation and system accreditation. In system accreditation, only the higher education institution is examined to ensure its institutional procedures and quality management systems guarantee a degree program that meets the minimum requirements. In program accreditation, each individual program to be accredited is evaluate by competent and independent examiners. This is done in accordance with the principle of the peer review procedure. All decisions of the agencies receive their legal legitimacy through the Accreditation Council , a joint institution of the countries for quality assurance at German universities. 


Evaluation in study and teaching

In order to continuously improve the quality of our degree programs, we use various instruments to further develop our learning content and didactics. This quality management concept includes regular surveys of students on lecturers, the courses and the entire study program. The feedback then flows directly into the teaching design. Our students are actively involved in the evaluation of our programs and get the opportunity to optimize them sustainably. In addition, we annually award a "Teaching Award" to the best professors as chosen by the students as well as “Student Award’s" to the most successful students at the IGC. The awards also us to reward and promote a successful studies and high-quality teaching at the IGC. 

Full-time programs


  • European Studies - AQAS
  • Aeronautical Management - ZEvA


  • Global Management - AQAS
  • European/Asian Management - AQAS
  • International Tourism Management - AQAS

International MBA

  • Logistic and Supply Chain Management - AQAS + AACSB Member + further accreditation of the partner university
  • Human Resource Management - AQAS + QAA + EMBA + EPAS
  • Marketing - AQAS + ANECA + EFMD
  • Management in Emerging Economies - AACSB, The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (ROSOBRNADZOR)
  • Finance & Investments - AQAS + AACSB + SACS
  • International and Sustainable Management - AQAS, AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA


Part-time programs


  • Master Cultural Management - ZEvA
  • FlexMaster Cultural Management - ZEvA
  • Master in Business Management - AQAS
  • FlexMaster in Business Management - AQAS


  • Master Business Administration - AQAS
  • FlexMBA - AQAS