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What to do about homesickness?

5 Tips - How to enjoy your study abroad without homesickness and feel at home quickly.

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Everybody who has ever been away from home knows the yearning for home. Studying abroad also means getting used to it. The greater the cultural differences, the greater the sense of foreignness can be. Homesickness can occur at any age, in any situation. But with a few tricks it is easy to fight and avoid. What you can do against homesickness, here are 5 tips.

Tip 1: Distraction
In a new country with a foreign culture, one tends to feel strange and withdraw. To avoid homesickness it is important to be distracted. Stay positive and avoid boredom. If you have too much time to think about it, you'll start to wonder. Be active instead. Try to get a routine into your daily routine to prevent periods of homesickness. Find a new hobby and enjoy your free time. For example, try a new sport that does not exist in your home country.

Tip 2: Make new contacts
With your study abroad you are not alone at the International Graduate Center. The IGC is multicultural and international. You quickly get to know students from different countries, who are also new in Germany. Be open and approach other people. It makes sense to get to know the new environment together. The International Graduate Center also offers planned activities for the students. The contact can be found at the bottom of the page. Even with personal problems such as homesickness, our contact persons are there for you.

Tip 3: Deal with the new environment
The best way to distract yourself while getting acquainted with the new land and culture is to explore the new environment. Take a look at what the city of Bremen has to offer. Maybe you will find a new favorite place in the city. More information about the city of Bremen and student life can be found on the following pages.

Tip 4: Deal with the culture shock
Every country has its own culture. If you start studying abroad, you will be confronted with a foreign culture. You may feel strange at first, but try to be open to other cultures. This does not mean that you have to give up your own culture. Keep domestic rituals in everyday life. The IGC as a multicultural organization offers you the opportunity to bring in your own culture and to interact with others. Take a kick in the cultural footsteps with humor.

Tip 5: Study abroad as an experience
Remember why you are here. Studying abroad offers you not only professional international experience and further education. Even you as a person have the opportunity to make many new experiences in a new country. Take pictures to capture and share with friends and family in your home country.