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Study abroad: Bringing my family with me to Germany

You are thinking of doing a Master or MBA in Germany but you do not want to be separated from your spouse and children during the time of your studies?

At IGC we understand that our students do not want to leave their family behind while they are studying in Bremen. That is why in this article we want to tell you a little bit more about the family reunification visa offered by the German embassy. With this visa you can spend a wonderful time together as a family in Bremen.

It is important that at the moment you decide to take the place of study you already make an appointment at the German embassy in your country to apply for both your visa and the family reunification visa for your family. Check in advance what documents are required for you and your family to be approved for the visa. It is necessary to present the original documents together with the respective copies at the embassy.

Generally, the student visa has a processing period of approximately four to five weeks, while the family reunification visa has a slightly longer processing period of approximately ten to twelve weeks. These processing periods are established by the German embassy and may be subject to alterations as for example during the pandemic, when all processing times were longer. That is why we recommend to prepare everything in time. Applying for this visa costs 75 euros for adults and 37.5 euros for children.

With the family reunification visa, you cannot bring your current boyfriend or girlfriend with you. You must be married to apply for this visa. Along with your spouse you can also bring your children and/or your parents. 

There are many requirements to consider when applying for this visa. We would like to mention the most important ones for you to consider when making your decision:

  • German language requirements: In case you want to bring your spouse he/she must have a minimum German language proficiency level of A1 in order to apply for this visa. Moreover, if your child is between 16-18 years old, he/she must have a German language proficiency level of C1.
  • Marriage: it is also important to mention that the marriage had to have taken place before you obtained your student visa in order to apply for this family reunion.
  • Parents: your parent can only accompany you and apply for this type of visa if you need his/her care for a specific reason and you are not yet 18 years old.
  • Monetary resources: You must be able to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to be able to live with your family in Germany for the entire period of your studies.

With this type of visa your spouse can work in Germany without any problem, as long as they have the right qualifications for the job.

Now you know the most important details about the visa for family reunification in Germany. If you still have questions or doubts, please contact the German embassy in your country, which will be happy to help you.