MES contest 2013

Upcoming Parliament elections, youth unemployment, spying activities, economic crisis and more: the EU offers plenty of research topics. With our new MES contest, we now offer students the possibility to learn more about Europe by discussing a specific topic with experts in another European country.

Brita Schemmann congratulates the students on winning the contest

Brita Schemmann congratulates the students on winning the contest

The MES contest  combines learning the tools of Project Management (taught by Brita Schemmann) and winning grants to realize a student project abroad.

This year´s winning team will travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina to research:

Reconciliation in Europe - the role of the EU: Stari Most

Congratulations to Rubina Böske, Benyamin Diab, Johannes Osterkamp and Yoheit Sato!

They will research the influence of the European Union and international organisations on the reconciliation process in the city of Mostar. The goal is to analyze measures taken by the international community and their actual effect in Mostar, in order to come up with ideas to further support the on-going reconciliation.

Congratulations! We look forward to the project and the public presentation next spring!

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