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Interview with Luis Quiceno - alumni of MBA in Global Management

In the series of interviews that feature IGC alumni hosted by current IGC students, Luis Quiceno - Global Management Alumni – was happy to answer a few questions asked by our current IMBA student Mohamad Karneeb, and to give insights on his total learning experience at IGC last year, as well as spotting the light on his career journey that got enhanced after he graduated. Here is the full interview

Why did you select the IGC primarily as a place to go higher with your education level?

Multiple reasons, just listing here the most important ones. The IGC offers the possibility to learn from lecturers and classmates from all over the world with a global mindset and experience. It is located in Germany, giving you the opportunity to get insights and be inspired by its success as an economic leader in the EU. The MBA is totally taught in English, reducing language barriers when learning, as well as taking advantage of the flexibility of the total studying term, whereas you receive your degree within 12 months. Also, the IGC is located in a nice city with affordable living costs for students, and good deals to travel by train to other important cities such as Hamburg and Hannover, and some countries as well like the Netherlands.


Today you are an alumni who graduated from the IGC, would you please tell us how your learning experience was at the City University of Applied Sciences?

It was good. I actually met students and professors from Germany, the US, the UK, Latin America, India, Iran, Pakistan, African countries amid others, that enriched the classroom debates as they brought in their different points of view, values and experiences worldwide. In addition, the lectures and the general approach of the master program at IGC, motivated me to spend extra-time on self-study, to go deeper and do my own research. I have found so far that the content of the MBA has been fully applicable in my global career, that is very essential for me.


Your journey at the IGC must have had its ups and downs, we are actually interested in knowing on one hand the most valuable advantage you had, and on the other hand, what kind of challenge you had to deal with?

Many advantages in fact, I would name the following:
* Access to extensive and diverse digital literature sources.
* Access to related facilities of other Universities such as Uni Bremen, library sport and leisure facilities.
* Free tickets to attend important business fairs, such as the Hannover Fair which gave me direct contact with companies, recruiters and trends.
* Low cost of transportation ticket.
* Free cost for the initial level of German language course. And concerning challenges, I would say that beginning of building an effective integration of multiple cultures and backgrounds when performing team work. The beginnings are always hard, you know.


Students who are looking to improve their career situation are keen on knowing about the transitional added value that is waiting for them out there once they graduate from one of the IGC's different master programs. From your angle, how do you see that point in particular?

For that I am going to give you a short and simple answer: In Europe, starting from Germany, companies appreciate and recognize the effort and value of completing an MBA, giving masters more chances to get a job and better salaries, especially that you are obtaining your degree according to the German system and standards.


Finally, what word would you send to those who are looking forward to applying for a specialization at one of IGC's various Master study programs? 

Go for the master degree that matches your studies and experience, and also with the requirements of the job positions you're looking forward to getting into. Job search engines provide you a flavor of actual needs. For sure, this decision would positively change the face of your career journey forever.


Interview by Mohamad Karneeb