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Interview with Banafsheh Zaker - Student of MBA in Int. Tourism Management

Our student Banafsheh Zaker gives some insights on why she came to study Tourism Management at the IGC and how her studies have been so far.

What do you like about your study program MBA in International Tourism Management?

With unbelievable growth of the tourism industry all over the world, I believe it is necessary to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible to be able to compete and be recognized in this industry.The MBA in Int. Tourism Management program provides all the skills and knowledge needed to be able to enter the tourism business world through experienced and knowledgable professors from all over the world. One of the most valuable aspects of this program for me was, the faculties who had experienced the business world and were exposed to the most recent changes, strategies and ideas of it.


What do you like about Bremen and studying at the IGC?

Bremen is a great city for students. It is not too small so you get bored and not too big so you get intimidated. The lovely Weser river and the old town are two of my unforgettable spots in Bremen during my studies. Cost of living, insurance and transportation is fairly reasonable for students and as many companies are located all around it, it is also a great opportunity for finding internships during, or a full-time job, after your studies.  Also, student friendly visa extension laws should not be neglected as there are many other states in Europe which have more restricted and troubling laws for international students. As for the IGC I should mention the lovely and helpful staff are really exceptional. They really make you feel welcome and help you out every step of the way. 


Tell us about your journey to the IGC: Where are you from, how did you come to Bremen and what made you decide to come here.

I am an Iranian student with a background in engineering. After two and a half years of working with my engineering degree I decided to follow my dream of working in the tourism industry. I started searching for opportunities and after a while I knew my destination would be Germany due to its great economic situation and business opportunities. Based on the costs of living, student life situation and as I mentioned before, relatively easy visa process I chose Bremen. Of course I was planning to study in English and in an international university with affordable programs, so when I came across HSB and IGC, I knew that I have found my ultimate destination. A student friendly international city with great quality of life and affordable cost of living.


Interview by Amrit Pathak