Culinary and sports tour through Bremen

In our last blog entry we let you know some interesting aspects of culture, geography and economy of your new home town Bremen. This time we would like you to get to know another side of Bremen: famous dishes and popular sports of Bremen. So join us on this tour!

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Aside from Bremen’s own Ludwig Roselius, who invented the first method to produce caffeine-free coffee in 1903, there is a lot to discover in the culinary area. Being in northern Germany, naturally you find interesting maritime dishes like haddock with mustard-yoghurt sauce, spinach and dill potatoes, for example. But if you fancy a traditional Bremen meal, you definitely want to start off with a classic Wedding Soup (Hochzeitssuppe), a chicken broth with asparagus, royale (eggs), colliflower and ground pork dumplings. As a main dish, dig into our famous “Kohl und Pinkel”, which is green cabbage and boiled sausage along with smoked pork chop, sunny side up eggs, fried bacon and boiled or fried potatoes. It is quite a heavy meal, so we recommend you accompany your culinary experience with one of our amazing beers or a schnapps like “Weizenkorn” or “Aquavit” to lighten up and assist your digestion. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth, you should not miss our “Bremer Rote Grütze” for dessert, a fine red fruit jelly consisting of a variety of berries and typical red sour cherries. Top this off with one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and you are in food heaven. This dish is always served during our Student-Christmas-Get-Together.


Just like all over Germany, people in Bremen are crazy about football. Their professional football club SV Werder Bremen was founded in 1899 and plays in German 1st Bundesliga. The home games take place at Weser-Stadium on weekends. You are probably familiar with modern football boots, right? Guess what? Bremen shoemaker Alexander Salot invented the screw-in cleats for football shoes.

If you are a fan of ice hockey, you should check out a game of the Fishtown Penguins in the “Eisarena Bremerhaven”. They play in the DEL, Germany’s premier professional hockey league. Bremen itself is home to the Weserstars Bremen, who play in the Northern Regional Ice Hockey League.

Other sports that are popular in Bremen include handball, gymnastics, tennis, fishing, swimming and various other watersports like sailing and rowing. Being a student at the IGC give you the possibility to try out many different sports, you can find more information here: